How Healthy Is Colloidal Silver

The use of prescribed and un-prescribed medication has brought up serious and controversial debates. It has become a matter of personal choice and decision for which type of drug to use for particular illnesses. Colloidal silver is one of the most highlighted medical products, which is misused today. Although many people use colloidal silver at home and in a homeopathic setting, it is still an untested method of healing.  Silver used to be widely used to kill bacteria before the development of antibiotics, however it has taken the a back seat and has frankly been ignored for decades. It is now making a reappearance both in the private and professional sectors.

The product has led to significant debates, which have left confusion amongst drug users across the board. Colloidal Silver is a well-known drug component, which has been used in the past to treat various diseases. It is a component mainly composed of silver, which is mixed in small particles. The silver particles get equally distributed in any mixture.

Colloidal Silver as a drug has a high potency to treat various diseases and illnesses. The drug has been known to work much better and faster than any other antibiotics. Colloidal Silver has a high potency of eliminating up to 650 microorganisms. This is considered more advantageous as opposed to a multiple of medicine to treat the same illness.

Advantages of Colloidal silver

  • It is a drug that has been known to treat many diseases. Colloidal silver has the potential to treat burns, clears scars, repair skin, tissue, and heal rushes amongst other skin illnesses.  The drug heals and repairs all skin problems once applied at the specified areas of ailment.
  • Colloidal silver is known to have an added advantage in enhancing bone growth. This means that the drug is fundamental in enhancing key internal body processes.  It plays a leading role in developing the immune system of an individual.
  • Some people have given testimonies on the effect of colloidal silver in matters concerning bad breath. This means it eliminates bad breath by gargling routines.
  • Colloidal silver is also in toothpaste. Because of the effectiveness of silver to kill viruses and other harmful bacteria without hurting "good" bacteria, some toothpaste manufacturers have added silver to toothpaste. Some natural health care companies have made silver based toothpaste with nano particles to help keep teeth and gums healthy. Many, many people have also reported getting good results with most dental problems by using colloidal silver.  Silver used to be the preferred antibiotic used in the medical field before the invention of anti-biotics.  It is still used in many hospitals as an antibiotic.  Silver  is said to kill the bad bacteria without harming the good ones.  Using silver with a good sonic toothbrush may solve your dental problems.  Do your research online and look on Amazon to see what colloidal silver products work best. Talk to your dentist for further advice.
  • Some have claimed to use Colloidal silver or silver protein to cure diseases such as AIDS and cancer. Again the belief is that, just like with the toothpaste, the silver protein kills off harmful and deadly viruses and bacteria, but leaves "good" bacteria in tact.

Disadvantages of Colloidal Silver

Although with numerous and lasting benefits, colloidal Silver has serious negative impact on a person’s health.

  • Colloidal silver has a negative effect on the human arteries. The drug once taken can harden arteries, which lead to a disease called arteriosclerosis.  The disease is known to cause heart attacks, which are fatal.
  • Colloidal silver destroys inner human organs. The drug has a significant effect on the on the immune system. Additionally, it can act negatively and cause seizures, headaches, amongst other destructive illnesses.
  • It is important to note that colloidal silver can be ingested in small amounts. This is by mixing it with other fluids or medication. This means that it can accumulate in the immune system and release its effects later. Some of the medications that contain colloidal silver are osteoporosis remedies.
  • Colloidal Argyria is a side effect that results for excessive ingestion of colloidal silver.  This effect becomes significant when a person’s skin color changes. This has been made known through a testimony of an individual who had used colloidal silver to treat dermatitis. Most accounts are from people who mix or prepare colloidal silver improperly in their home. Pharmaceutical prepare colloidal silver does not produce these results when used as directed. Always consult your doctor before using any dietary supplement.

In this context, people should be careful when obtaining medication to treat certain illnesses. Although expensive, it is better to obtain a doctor’s prescription before buying drugs over the counter.

How Colloidal Silver works

Colloidal Silver works in three distinct mechanisms.

  • Silver oxidation: this is a catalytic process that takes place once silver ions have bound with oxygen. These teo ions combine at the microorganism surface membrane and block respiratory processes by the formation of R-S-S-R bond. This membrane blockage leads to the expiration  of the bacteria or virus.
  • Reactions with Bacterial membranes: the silver icons have a capability of attaching to the membrane articles. This way they block respiration processes that are fundamental in energy transfer in the cell. This in turn affect enzyme action within the bacteria that lead to poor functioning of  normal processes within the bacteria. The end result is the deactivation  of the bacteria that causes its death.
  • Binding with DNA:  Silver particles have an ability to bind with DNA. The silver particles bind with the organisms DNA and prevents further replication of the microorganism. This is sense the bacteria or virus cannot replicate.

How to Use Colloidal Silver

The drug can be taken either orally, topically, or applied on the skin. Other means of administration include inhalation, used vaginally, anally, dropped in the eyes, or atomized. There are various gel formulations available in the market.

These can be applied on the affected part. Colloidal silver is also used to disinfect wounds, though muscular injection, and or in to the blood stream.


Colloidal silver can be taken between 1-3 teaspoonful up to three times a day by both adults and children. For speedy recovery one can use 3-6 teaspoonfuls a day. For wounds and mouth sores, a person can use colloidal fluid to wash the affected part.

Over dosage has not been noted as a point to worry. However, if one feels any mild headache or perhaps feels sluggish he should increase water consumption as a means of eliminating the toxins. 

The dosage of silver does depend on the particular illness and enough silver has to get into the body to make any kind of difference.


On  A Final Note

If you have serious diseases such as AIDS, Ebola, serious tooth decay, Lyme Disease, Eczema, Hepatitis C, mycoplasma a great webite for you the read is Invive or Silver Mild Protein.

This is also a good blog to read. I am not affilated with this blog or the website above, I just thought they could be helpful to someone.


You should always make sure speak to a doctor or your family physcian before using any homeopathic or natural means to treat illnesses.