Constant Content


  • Constant Content takes care of all the marketing and collecting from the buyers leaving you able to focus on writing
  • Set your own price based on your goals, research time and topic
  • Freedom of topic and title
  • Public requests to write on
  • Private Request System for working with regular clients you develop on the site
  • Payments are either each month or 2x a month, you pick.
  • Minimum payout is only $5 and payouts are prompt
  • Very supportive writing community in the forum
  • Small bonus for referring new writers to the site (don't expect to get rich on it)
  • High quality standards help writers earn top dollar for original work


  • Not a passive income revenue share site like Infobarrel. However if you sell articles for usage multiple times some of the income becomes passive.
  • Strict writing standards - ESL writers are generally not going to make the cut
  • You MUST be able to self edit and identify all your own errors. Constant Content editors are not there to hold your hand

Full Review

Writing marketplace Constant Content is a unique site that allows authors to price their own work, submit on whatever topics they like, and generally control their own writing business without having to worry about marketing and collecting from buyers.

How does Constant Content Work?

Constant Content does not buy your work like Demand Studios or share in Adsense Impressions like Infobarrel. Rather Constant Content is marketplace for informative high quality written work.

Here are the steps to payday:

1. You decide on a topic you want to write on (could be anything as long as it meets the Constant Content Guidelines.)

2. Read the FAQs and Submission Guidelines carefully. Constant Content is very particular about format, style and point of view, grammar, punctuation, and spelling with very good reason. They have set everything up to deliver to the buyers top quality content worth top quality prices.

3. Write and carefully proofread an article on any topic you like.

4. Submit finished article, set the prices you are willing to take and than get writing on the next article

5. Editors will accept the article (within a few days) or reject it giving reasons. You can revise and resubmit the article if it is rejected.

6. The accepted article goes live in the site waiting for a buyer.

7. Articles sells, Constant Content collects the money and pays you 65% early in the next month (or early in the second half of the month if the sale occurs in the first half of the month and you have selected bi-monthly payments.

What Can You Not Sell Through Constant Content?

The site does not accept articles that have proven hard to sell such as first person POV, overly commercial articles, poetry and short stories. It is also not a good site to sell time sensitive news at. Rather the site reviews and markets informative articles, reviews, and other more evergreen content.

What Kind of Money Can You Make At Constant Content?

Like most online efforts, you make what you put into the site. Here are some guidelines though:

1. The Minimum Price you can offer an article at is $7.00. Yes that is much higher than a lot of articles on textbroker and oDesk.

2. Many 500 to 800 word articles sell in the $25- $50 range for full rights . Longer articles or those with more research required regularly sell for more. Sales of $150 are not uncommon.

3. If someone buys Usage Rights the article stays for Usage Sale on the site forever and may well sell again.

4. You keep 65% of what the article sells for (and you set the price too). On average 70% of the articles approved on the site have sold eventually. Assuming you price your articles in line with the market. simple math will tell you how many articles you need to produce to meet your income goals.

What Rights Does Constant Content Allow?

You can offer articles you write for three different types of rights. The decision is yours but most authors offer all three types of rights (unless they are offering previously published work)

- Full Rights are the most popular with buyers. The buyer takes all rights. They can change your article, list themselves as the author, resell it etc. You become a ghost writer.

- Unique Rights. You only sell the article once (buyer gets unique usage) but the buyer must not change the article or remove your byline.

- Usage Rights give the buyer the right to use the article as is with your byline. You can use the article yourself as well or sell usage rights again.

What Kind of Writing Skills Do I Need?

Constant Content is a premium marketplace for serious writers. You must be able to write in proper English and than self edit to remove all errors. Successful writers at Constant Content are self motivated, do not need others imposing deadlines on them, and have a strong command of the English language. Sadly, if English is not your mother language you are likely wasting your time to try Constant Content.

Constant Content is not a place to submit stolen or "borrowed" content. The system will catch you for stealing and you will be promptly banned forever. Constant Content clients are (mostly) looking for truly unique content and are not interested in buying something you grabbed off another site. The exception is the buyers willing to pay less for usage rights only, and than you still need to have created what you sell.

How Do You Apply to Constant Content?

Every good writing site has an audition process. At Constant Content you just sign up for a free account and submit your first article. Once you get that accepted you can submit more. After a few more accepts the site removes the limits on how many articles you can submit at once.

Can You Recommend a Good Resource for Success at Constant Content?

The Constant Content forum is a wealth of information and has very helpful fellow writers answering questions. The forum runs on forum software so you need to sign up separately for the forum. Be sure to read through the sticky topics in the forum early on.

One of the most successful writers on Constant Content writes under the name Celeste Stewart. Celeste makes a full time income from Constant Content, largely through private client relationships she has developed through the site. Celeste is a great help to other writers in the Constant Content forums plus she wrote a very helpful little eBook well worth picking up.

In Closing

Overall Constant Content is a great place to earn cash reasonably fast as a writer. In the long run working on a revenue sharing site like Infobarrel will likely earn you more, but at Constant Content you can build a portfolio of articles for sale quickly and the sales will start rolling in. You can earn a full time living quite quickly, which many people need to live now.