Some of my favorite foods are ice cream, cheese, and butter.  I don't have tacos or a baked potato without sour cream on top. There are many different views on whether dairy foods are good or bad for you.  I did some research on this topic and thought I'd share my findings with you.

Here are some benefits of dairy:

Dairy is a good source of calcium. Women need to be concerned about osteoporosis, so consuming dairy products can help keep your bones and teeth strong.

Most dairy products are fortified with vitamin D.  Almost everyone is not getting enough vitamin D, and for some reason the government mandated vitamin D be added to milk products.

There are some studies that say that people who consume dairy products are thinner than those who don't have dairy often. However, it’s been said that many of these studies were funding the dairy industry.

Dairy products contain some protein, which is necessary for your body because it aids in the building and repair of body tissues such as muscles.

Here are some drawbacks to consuming dairy:

Many people argue that humans are the only species to drink the milk of another species and we also are the only ones to keep drinking milk past infancy. This is unnatural and probably not healthy for us.

Dairy products may contain hormones because the cows are given hormones to produce more milk. Cows are also often given antibiotics which should not be given to humans unless absolutely necessary. Antibiotics kill not only bad bacteria, but the good healthy bacteria in the digestive track. Killing the good bacteria can give you digestive problems.

Dairy foods are actually high in calories.  Do you know that just a "pat" of butter is 100 calories? One ounce of cheddar cheese - about a 1 by 1 inch cube - is also about 100 calories. So adding butter, cheese and sour cream to your baked potato could add about 300 more calories to a 110 calorie potato.

Many people are lactose intolerant which can give you an upset stomach. Lactose is a type of sugar that comes from milk that cannot be digested by people who lack the digestive enzyme lactase.

Consuming dairy products has also been linked to acne and other skin problems. Many people online claim that after they stopped eating dairy, their acne cleared up.

Some people claim that ingesting milk also produces more phlegm and mucous in the body. No one enjoys having to cough up mucous or having to blow your nose often.

So, it sounds like dairy is more bad than good.  Too bad it's delicious! I still get zits as an adult and have some skin issues, so maybe my love of dairy is to blame.  I guess I'll just have to try to have it in moderation and take some calcium and vitamin D supplements.