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The definition of oxymoron is easily remembered by the words “sharp dull.” The Greek meaning for oxy is sharp and for moros is dull. The words, terms or ideas can create a paradox ( a contradictory statement that may be true), like genuine imitation. The oxymoron is an example of figure of speech that has become almost unconscious in use today. I’m thinking that the term, disposable income is an oxymoron.

It is commonly used in articles about baby boomers: baby boomers have disposable income so they can care take their grandchildren, or most baby boomers still work so they have disposable income, etc. This got me thinking, what the heck is disposable income, I mean, I’m a baby boomer and I want some of that disposable income. So I did some online research, and got some ideas of what it means in spite of the rising deficits in this fine mess of an economy. One example actually has it calculated as “DPI = Personal Income - Personal Income Taxes Payments.” Right, well I rather like this example best, “The pittance you have left after rent, food, clothes, insurance and dog food.  It's how much you really have to spend on whatever you want.” Benjamin Franklin got it right in this quote, “"If you know how to spend less than you get, then you have the philosopher's stone."

War Oxymorons
A modern classic written about daily is holy war. That brings up military intelligence, and peacekeeping force, and smart bomb. Ah, the oxymoron is everywhere! How do we fight violence? Is war a fictional reality to keep people united in diversity? One thing for sure, there are no forgotten memories about the many fatally injured soldiers. Fighting for peace keeps the masses from shouting anarchy rules. Is conditional surrender the answer? The recent past war results seem to start with a confirmed rumor about this or that and then it turns into a just war.

Social, Cultural Oxymorons
Rap music is so common that one can hardly recall when it was a new tradition. Some of it is considered pretty ugly, and some of it is so casual chic. Clothing such as; baggy tights, dress pants, dress shirts, and real vinyl accessories form an irregular pattern of original copies in the fashion world.

It takes a great person of little ego to be free of righteous sin. One who doesn’t climb down and accept random order as the timeless moment of possible perfection. Instead, the living saint is not threatened by pure evil. He knows of the abundant poverty and causes resulting in disaster relief. So, how does this tragic comedy play out?

I don’t know. The oxymoron of business ethics involves an honest thief or two we have seen recently. The criminals seem awfully nice and get clients to trust them and give them their money and just put them on autopilot. They act naturally, and innocent victims are readily had. Then the criminals have lots of disposable income and don’t have any use for job security.

I hope you now have the bigger half of the present examples of oxymorons and how funny oxymorons have become so mainstream!