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Elf cosmetics is an abbreviation for eyes, lips, and face. It's a discount makeup store. You used to be able to find it in Target stores, but now it's mainly sold online. You can find a lot of items for just a dollar but are they any good? In my experience, here are a few of the best and worst parts of ordering from ELF.

Go for the brushes. This really seems to where you can save a lot of money. They have very high end makeup brushes for just a dollar. This is where I got the kabuki brush for my mineral powder. I have purchased two of their smudge eyeshadow brushes over the years. I haven't even been able to find this in more expensive and different department stores. It has come unglued from the handle once. I've also had the same problem with one of my other brushes. However, for just a dollar it is easy to replace once a year or so.

I was really wondering about whether I'd actually be able to save money by shopping for cosmetics online. I was worried about the high cost of shipping. That would be like buying an actual lipstick at the department store. However, there are always a lot of coupons available. You should at least be able to get 50% off of part of your order for free shipping.

Read customer reviews carefully. Some of the items such as the mineral eye shadows are very comparable to very high end brands. However, sometimes you get what you pay for. It can be difficult see which eyeshadows are mate and which are shiny when shopping online. This can be quite the surprise when you actually get the items home.

Know where the strengths and weaknesses are. There is a quite inexpensive mineral line that seems to be taking over the store. These items aren't a dollar but they're a lot cheaper than most other mineral makeup. It's just a fraction of the cost of most of the other more popular expensive mineral lines. I really can't speak to whether this works very well because I've only used just the E.L.F. mineral line, but I personally have always been very impressed with it.

Mix and match. E.L.F. doesn't seem to have a large supply of facial powders and lipsticks. In fact in the dollar section you'll probably only find a variety of lipgloss instead of actual lipsticks. You might want to mix and match this cosmetic line in with higher end brands. This will give you all of the colors and products that you love while saving you money. Plus, for only a dollar you can afford to really experiment with makeup. If it doesn't work out then you really didn't waste a lot of money.

I've had different experiences with the quality of all the different products at this site. However, I always seem to keep going back. The price is just too attractive to resist. Plus, I can really afford the process of elimination because everything is so inexpensive. It's probably not the best makeup you will ever buy it but it might be the best makeup for the money that you'll ever buy. They always seem to be expanding their product lines and offering more shades.

I really think that your experience with makeup depends on what you're used to buying as well as your skin type. It can be helpful to read the user reviews and find other people who have the same kind of combination of skin type and color that you have to see how they reacted to the products.

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