It is not surprising that more people are doing due diligence on companies before they start to try their products using the internet. Many people search on "company name scam" to see if the company is a legit business or just a scam. Some internet marketers use this technique and create some kind of controversial headline and then write an article that first appears as a balanced review, but is actually just a way to get people to sign up to the program or purchase the product.

So what about the company Efusjon? Efusjed, efusion or effusion as it is also known as. Efusjon is basically a Multi-level Marketing or MLM scheme. Efusjon supposedly comes from the Gaelic word and means pouring out.

Behind all Efusjon scamMLM is the product that the company promotes and for Efusjon it is energy and health drinks. Their RAW health drink and the EDGE energy drinks, contain the much flaunted Acai berry juice.

Acai berries have gotten a lot attention in the media because of the berries supposed health benefits, including weight loss and anti-aging. The acai berry comes from the acai palm tree and is grown in South America. Acai berries have some antioxidant properties and is said to help protect the body against some diseases.

Can acai berries help you lose weight? The jury is still out on this and eating the berries alone is not going to make you lose weight. If however you combine them with a healthy diet and daily exercise, they could help you to lose weight.

Efusjon was founded by Robert Towles, R.S. Edwards, Marc Sharpe, and Kenny Gilmore. Even though he is not mentioned on the website Derek Broes also seems to be involved in some way with the company. Derek Broes is a former Senior Vice President of Paramount Pictures and he also worked at Microsoft, but he is not listed as one of the company founders.

Many sellers of Efusjon are using a Derek Broes name to add legitimacy to the product and company: "Derek Broes (Vice President of Paramount Pictures) teams up with Efusjon:: Mark Zuckerberg (Derek BroesCEO of FaceBook) to create an opportunity like no other!"

There have been claims that Efusjon has some special relationship with the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, but this doesn't appear the case. Efusjon is certainly trying to leverage Facebook to get more people to join their program. The fact is that any company can create Facebook applications and it doesn't necessarily mean Mark Zuckerberg endorses all of those products.

Efusjon has many different websites presumably created by distributors of the product, it is difficult to know which one is the official website. There are few details on the website about the actual products. It is actually very difficult to find any real information about the company, beyond the marketing hype. Something which makes me a little suspicious for a company that is supposedly leveraging the internet to get their message across. There are many links on the different websites however to join the scheme.

Efusjon is typical of MLM companies with up lines and downlines, except they also have the "Powerline", which looks like some kind of variation of up or downlines. They see it is free to join on their websites, but I suspect at some point you are required to buy a case of energy drinks.

Typical of MLM schemes, you then need to recruit friends and family to join the company and buy some energy drinks. Here is one distributor's spiel I found on the internet, "You must signup at the Associate level to participate in the global company filled matrix for only $197 Do not signup UNLESS you can personally REFER at least 3 people to qualify for the Company wide Matrix! BUT ALL YOU HAVE TO REFER IS 3! The system will do the rest!"

So can Efusjon be called a scam? I don't know if you can call it a scam, but it is your fairly typical MLM scheme where you need to buy products, in this case Acai berry type energy drinks and then try to get your friends and family to also buy them. Trying to get more information on the company and its products from the internet only creates more questions on the company and its founders, which to me is makes me suspicious. If you do decide to join them, be sure that you don't get locked into some forced continuity program which is difficult to get out of and you have cases of energy drinks showing up on your door step every month.