It’s debatable whether or not teenagers should have a facebook. It is a place where friends can leave you messages, look through your photos, and chat with you which is a great thing! It’s a great way to keep in contact with old friends and family who live far away.



  1. Facebook is a great way to keep in contact with friends who have moved across the country and family who live in other states.

  2. You can chat more often and make plans online, rather than having to call people and look for heir telephone numbers.

  3. It’s the ideal way to stay involved. Many school clubs have a facebook group and it’s a simple way to know what’s going on.

  4. Facebook is also a good way to know the gossip without having to say any. You can see who’s doing what, when and where.

  5. You can keep all of your photos online. If your home is distinguished in a terrible fire, all of you memories are gone. But if you had a facebook, you can keep your photos there, as well as videos!



  1. It’s not the safest thing. Even if you set your profile to private, the friends of your friends can see your wall, photos, videos and profile.

  2. Employers look at your facebook before hiring you. They always need to do a background check and facebook is a great way to do it. If there is one bad thing on you wall, you can forget about the job.

  3. Facebook can be addictive. Some students spend all of their studying time on the Internet and end up not knowing what to do on tests. This can affect you school work so if you should choose to get a facebook, you need to have the power to get off.


Facebook is fun. Many people enjoy it but it can be dangerous. There are hackers and much more cyber bulling going on today that you could imagine. Having a facebook can give people permission to bully you. It’s not right but in today’s society, it happens. So whatever you choose to do, just know what facebook really is and think before you click.