Through the course of time, the price of products and services are terribly increasing. With the limited funds that people have, they have to work hard to make their ends meet. This causes households around the world great difficulty in managing finances. That’s why, they seek help and sought for financial advice. This article presents tips and basic guidelines for seeking free financial advice.

But how credible is a free advice versus a paid advice? Whenever we buy a product or service, its effectiveness is measured by worth that we got for it – that we get what we pay for. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Sometimes, even when an advice is paid, we still get bad ones. There is no guarantee that we will get the most out of what we paid for. The key is to use your head. Whether it is a paid or free advice, options should be measured based on what is applicable and best to your situation.

The credibility of an advice is also based on the adviser. It is important to do background checks and look for the credentials of the advisor that you seek. It is also better if you seek financial advice from someone that you know has the capability and experience in overcoming financial problems. Though it may be possible that even an advisor with good credentials may give bad advice. Bottom line is that you make sure that the person that you are seeking financial advice from is someone that understands and can give solution to your personal situation.

You might also want to consider getting advice from more than one financial advisor. One good point about this is that you will be able to get ideas and solutions from different perspectives. Different perspectives mean different approaches to solutions about your current financial problems. You can either use all of them or acquire portions of good points from each and combine them.

The above points are important and should be kept in mind in looking for financial advice. Following are possible places where you can find financial advice.

1. The first place that we can reliably turn to is something that is professional – your local back or credit union. Most of the local banks and credit unions are open in counseling about financial problems and would give you with free advice. If not, they are kind enough to recommend you to a good local organization.

The local newspaper, phone books or the local library also contain lists for good financial advisors. Another good source is your network of friends and acquaintances. They may have used a goof financial planner that they can recommend. Some planners can easily help you for free or for a minimal cost.

2. If the first one doesn’t work for you, then you can turn to the widest market in the world – the Internet. But as much as the web is accessible, it is also as dangerous. Since anyone can get access to the net, it might be hard to consider whether an advisor is reliable or is just playing with you. Worst case is that you might be encouraged to sign up for a free service, but in the end they will start asking fees from you. Another way that they will get profit from you is that included in the free advice that they are giving are products that they advertise for sale.

When seeking financial advice online, make sure that the sources are credible. You can do this by asking a lot of questions. You may also want to protect personal information and not give too much about yourself. Some associations and organizations may say that they are a credible source of advice, but in the end, will try to sell you products.

Again, background checking is important. You can check with your local Better Business Bureau about the credibility of companies. The bureau can show you whether there are complaints filed against these companies. You can do this on online and local companies.

Keep in mind that not all are genuine about the services and advise that they give. There are people and companies who just want to take your money. Always keep in mind the important points and think hard when seeking for financial advice. If you feel that there is something wrong and you are being compromised, then it is better to ask for advice from someone else.