Do you know how reduce taxable income to lower your taxes due? It wouldn't matter if your tax bracket was low.

Federal taxes take away so much of our money and our freedom, argue the authors of Give Us Liberty. Here’s a brief summary and review of the book.

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My job would be so much easier if I didn’t have to worry all the time about the federal income tax that my clients have to pay. As a financial advisor, I am bombarded with questions about people’s taxes due, whether it’s their federal income tax or State tax. I spend a lot of time looking for how to reduce taxable income; but frankly, there is a limit to the number of legitimate approaches for how to do taxes that help people. So I was thrilled to get to interview Matt Kibbe on my radio show, Goldstein on Gelt. He explained his “flat tax” model along with his other libertarian ideals. After that conversation, I decided to take a look at the book he co-authored with Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey called, Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto. Here’s a brief review.

Though the authors would be thrilled to see the federal income tax drop and the code become simpler, the thrust of their book is about freedom. They want to reignite the founding fathers’ spirit of freedom. In fact, they talk about the Tea Party Movement not so much in terms of some great new leader who will foment change from the top down, but rather as a group of dedicated Americans from around the country who just want to see a smaller government.

 Fundamentally, the authors espouse dramatically shrinking the government, cutting Washington’s spending, and restoring individual freedom to Americans. Their book gives an insider’s look at the Tea Party, which is important these days when most people’s opinions are carved by the big media outlets instead of by careful study. On top of that, they also have a real call to action, including a user’s guide to becoming an activist. All too often, people feel that they have no way to impact their own government. The worldwide demonstrations that we have seen recently have, frankly, been depressing. Either the protestors have been gunned down by their own governments (like Syria) or if they have been successful at taking over, they have simply installed new dictatorships (like Egypt). But Armey and Kibbe offer more practical solutions in the book which can give average Americans hope that they, too, can have a voice in their government and in their future.

Though the book certainly gives support to all those who claim allegiance to the Tea Party and its ideals, it is also an important book for non-adherents to read, too. Regardless of whether it will change their opinions, at least it will educate them to understand the concerns of the swelling Tea Party movement. The U.S. still defends free-speech with great vigor, so take advantage of that and read this book now. Freedom is definitely not something we can take for granted; we need to work for it every day.

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