Beer into the flux capacitor

Beer into the flux capacitor

Back To The Future suggested it using garbage to feed Marty’s flux capacitor! What a perfect fuel, garbage or trash, instead of natural resources! We need to find something to do with all of that trash anyway, instead of pouring it into our landfills! Why not use it to power our vehicles? Is it even possible?

Sure it is; alcohol fuels have been around for years and a lot of the gasoline these days has a small percentage of it in the mix already.  I’m not referring to the kind made from corn, which is the most ridiculous fuel alternative I have heard, but the methane made from garbage and trash. Why on God’s green earth would we take valuable resources away from food production for fuel with so many going hungry, when there are so many other fuels that work as well or better?  

Admittedly, alcohol fuels cause some vehicles difficulties, because of its faster burning and incompatibility with certain engine parts, but it is viable and with all of the potential benefits for us and our environment, methane deserves at least another look to see if its production and distribution cannot be improved for more widespread use.

There are cities and municipalities that are already siphoning that methane out of the grounds in the landfills now for safety concerns. What are they doing with it? With some filtering of that methane, that could be retailed as fuel to the public for what surely would be a very significant revenue source for our cash strapped cities and state governments. There are more and more companies out there now selling systems to help cities and municipalities pull that methane out of the landfills.

The more I think about this, the more advantages I see for methane, but let’s look at just a few to help raise your excitement level, because I need help getting the word out!


We would be producing methane fuel from our trash making trash and garbage a renewable resource instead of just piling it up in our landfills!

It is only limited by the amount of trash we can produce.

It produces greater performance and acceleration! That’s why it is used for jet engines and race cars!

Less dependence on oil, meaning fewer burdens on our environment from domestic oil, foreign oil cartels lose some of their influence, and likely lower oil prices!

The exhaust from a methane combustion engine is not toxic, like carbon monoxide (CO)! Carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) is what makes up the exhaust from a methane fueled engine.

Creates revenue streams for cash strapped cities and municipalities!

You could make it in your own backyard with your own garbage on a limited basis! After all, how much garbage does one family produce?!?


It is toxic and can be difficult to handle and store requiring spark-proof tools, explosion proof equipment, avoiding contact with eyes, skin, and clothing, as well as inhalation risks.

The emissions are carbon dioxide and are considered a greenhouse gas that in excess would contribute to global warming, but trees and plants need it to survive.  I still like it better than carbon monoxide!

As I mentioned earlier, alcohol fuels cause some vehicles difficulties, because it’s faster burning and more corrosive than gasoline.

Alcohol fuels would compete with gasoline and diesel, so if oil companies didn’t get in on the distribution of it, they would likely work against it.

There are other disadvantages, but none of these are insurmountable, and don’t you think the advantages are worth more of an effort than we have made to date?

So here is what I would ask for you to do:

1. Talk this up! Doesn’t it just make sense? Methanol can replace oil and gas. Let’s not let this be forgotten or swept under the rug.

2. Ask around town for vendors that sell M85 fuel (that is methanol) or racing car fuel which is methanol. Be sure to get the on-road type of methanol.  They also sell off-road applications.

3. If you have an older model vehicle, you could buy a new vehicle that uses M85 fuel, or you could adapt your old vehicle for methanol use. So you can use the methanol fueled vehicle around town, where you can easily find methanol fuel readily!

Give it a shot! Please!! Tell me what you think!

David W Pulliam