The climate meeting in Copenhagen, COP15, the United Nations' Conference, December 2009.

The Copenhagen Meeting ended without any legal binding agreement. It was only agreed upon that actions should be taken in order to avoid that the average world temperature increases more than 2 degrees Celsius. Huh?!
As if the politicians can make laws about how the weather is going to be!
Environmentalists all over the world had hoped that the result would have been a worthy replacement of the Kyoto Protocol, which in 2012 will cease to be the set of rules between those countries that believe in a regulation of pollution such as the CO2 emissions.
Skeptics who doesn't believe in those scientist who inform about the ongoing global warming could maybe be more content with the missing result of the Copenhagen Meeting (see more about this meeting at However, the skeptics are not happy either, because they know very well that the environmentalists do not stop, and they fear that the politicians in many countries will use the global warming theory as an excuse for increased taxes etc.

During the week the Copenhagen Meeting took place several dramatic events happened.
Copenhagen was full of demonstrators, the vast majority of them were environmentalists who wanted to put some pressure on the politicians. Some of the demands were to give more aid to the developing countries, in order to make these countries develop in a more environmental friendly way; other demands were directed to the USA and China who have not yet signed the Kyoto Protocol; and it is obvious that that those two countries are reluctant to sign a Copenhagen Agreement that most likely would have been even more strict than the agreement of Kyoto. The demonstrations were peaceful, but even so, hundreds of demonstrators were arrested (it was also later revealed that the police had made illegal 'tapping' of some green NGO organizations' phones). It has to be emphasized that such police activities are highly unusual in Denmark.
Another dramatic event was the revealed news that several governments and some UN organizations had deliberately hidden the works of those scientists that do not agree with the Global Warming Theory. It was even claimed that some of the photos showing pollution and melting of the Polar ice had been manipulated. The obvious name for such activities is of course ClimateGate!

So what is the truth? Do we have a 'Global Warming' or a Global Scam, i.e. a 'ClimateGate?
The problem is that we do not know the answer to that question before year 2050, and in my opinion it is then too late. We must stop now to pollute and invest in green energy etc. (See more at I (for my part) do not need scientific proof today, when I know that the ice of Greenland and the Poles are melting. The eternal snow on Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa is melting. And in the Himalayans what used to be glaciers are now lakes. And I do not believe that NASA and many other photographers are member of a giant conspiracy plot!
There will always be experts, who will postulate the opposite theory. And I can understand if those scientists who can see the danger of the global warming don't have time for irrelevant disputes.