Just about everyone comes to a point in their life when they start wondering about the existence of God and whether or not they believe. As we only have our 5 senses to see and experience the world with, it can be difficult to believe in someone or something that we cannot see, feel or listen to. I would like to offer my opinion on the question, "Is God Real or Fake" and let you decide for yourself what you believe.

Before you think that I'm a typical Christian evangelical, let me be clear that I am not. I'm a deep thinker. I've spent years studying how the human mind works, how it processes information and how we as humans, interpret the world around us. Understanding that our beliefs are shaped by our experiences and our environment, causes me to doubt of the experiences that people claim to have with a supernatural God.

However, I do know that He is real by simple logic.

How do I know this? It's not because I read it in a book or because I was taught to believe it. For me, it is simple logic. It doesn't require me to believe. It's a simple fact and I will explain to you how you yourself, can arrive at the same logical conclusion.

Nothing in the material world has existed forever. To this day, science has no natural explanation for the existence of our physical universe. This vast universe of space and matter had to have started from somewhere. To believe that it was created by a single explosion or splitting of a single atom, is to believe that there was already something that materially existed beforehand. Where did that come from?

Any evolutionary theorist (someone that supports the theory of evolution on an academic level) will tell you that there is no natural explanation for the creation of the universe. The most commonly accepted notion among these theorists is that the universe at one point in history, was in a state of "singularity".

What singularity refers to is that point at which the laws of physics break down and no longer apply. So even science, has no scientific explanation for the origins of matter that make up our vast universe.

In the quest for gaining knowledge about our "evolution", science delved deep into the genetic code, our DNA. What was revealed is that the code that is in the living cells of every living thing on the planet is more organized, structured and complex than any computer program ever devised. Even Bill Gates commented that the language that makes up the DNA code is more complex than any computer program that has ever been written.

Back in the days of Darwin, we didn't have the technology to break the DNA code or even know that it existed for that matter. Now we know, that there is an intelligent, organized and structured language within that code, that contains the instructions for building and replicating life on this planet.

So, is God real or fake?

If He is fake, it is the greatest forgery in the history of time.