Is gold a good investment? Completely. Many people have made investments into financially unstable things, from stocks to real estate, among other investments. Of course, you're not guaranteed to earn or lose money when investing in stocks, because it's all a game of uncertainty. Until recently, it was assumed that a safe investment could be found with real estate. Over this past year, the housing market fell and ended the security of that investment.

Is there one investment that's bee safe, historically? Absolutely - gold is a steady investment commodity, and during the last few years, the value of gold has more than doubled, to over $1000 per ounce. Compare this to the rapidly falling real estate market, which has lost up to 70 percent of its original value in some areas. Aside from T-bills, gold is probably the most secure investment that you could possibly make right now.

If you need a recession-proof investment, gold bullion is worth considering, as gold is now valued at more than $1000 per ounce. Even with the price of gold being so high, you should still invest in it.

Throughout recorded history, the gold market has never once crashed, making it a very safe investment during an economically uncertain time, assuring that gold's value will continue to increase. Even the consistency of oil was thought to be a solid investment in an ever-changing financial world. Oil values fell to less than 50% of their original value this year, so even this idea was wrong. Investing in gold is a much gold is much safer.

Of course, the economies of the world won't stop changing, so in the market today, gold is the one and only safe investment, making it nonsensical to purchase property as the values climb continually. It's always possible that the housing market will balance out after a few more years, but these investment opportunities are just as uncertain as oil and similar properties.

Once again, the only safe investment for you is gold, which is also a liquid asset, benefiting you by being salable anywhere. Gold will remain stable even if the dollar ever crashes, and it's also immune to inflation, which is a great asset. It's possible that the value of gold could also fluctuate upwards and downwards, but it will never lose value and certainly not fluctuate madly like the dollar. Is gold a good investment? You bet!