Google adsense is today’s best known online advertisind network. When google introduced adsense there many were skeptical that it will actually be success and make any profits. Today it is clear that Google adsense is a great success  and it is very profitable and has proven to everyone who did not have faith in it that they are wrong and the people working at Google were right when they launched adsense.

So what is the reson AdSense is such a success? The reason for AdSense being so successful is that it is very profitable not just for Google but also for the advertiser who use the other Google service called AdWords and also is very profitable for the publisher who sometimes earn enormous amount of money through AdSense.

The question of why this is so good deal for everyone presents itself. This question is well in place because you almost never see something that is profitable for everyone involved. What is making AdSense so different.

AdSense is where it is today because it is beneficial to everyone involved by filling a opening In the internet advertising model.

Reason for this is that internet is an environment full with people who are browsing and interacting while they are online. When they see a certain link leading to another website on the webpage they choose to follow or not to follow that link. This is called “navigating”.

What AdSense does is connecting two categories of people. One of this categories are buyers. They are people looking to buy something online. The other category are sellers. These are people that are looking for customers to sell their products and services. That’s the magnificent idea that Google had. The idea of helping these two categories find each other.

This works well for visitors to a certain website that has adsense ads on it. They don’t see a large flashy banner but a text ad. If they like what they read they click the ad and go to the advertisers website.

AdSense is beneficial to AdWords advertisers because their ads are displayed all around internet. They will be seen by a great number of website surfers immediately when they are approved by Google without putting time and effort in search engine optimization.

Their ads will be targeted, which means that they will be shown on websites that is similar to their offer, whether it is product or a service. For example if someone surfing the internet visits a website about web hosting AdSense will display ads from advertisers offering web hosting packages or similar. That is why Google AdSense is beneficial to publishers.

This comes from the fact that Google AdSense ads are contextual, which means they are related to the keywords of the website. When people visit your site and that site is about a particular topic you know that they are interested in what they find on the website.

Google has advertisers from every area so when visitor visits your site Google know what they are interested in and has ads from advertisers offering stuff that visitors might be interested in and displays those ads on the website. When visitors click the link in the ad they are taken to advertisers website and the publisher earns certain amount of money. That is how everyone benefits from Google Adsense.