Is Greek yogurt gluten free?” is a pretty serious question for you if you are suffering from the coeliac disease and you are following a gluten free diet. It is a synonymous issue to the question: “Am I allowed to eat Greek yogurt?”. Fortunately for you (there are many health benefits of Greek yogurt) the answer is “yes”, but if you are gluten-intolerant you probably want to be fully convicted about that, so let's proceed with some further information you will need.

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Read the labels

If you are suffering from the celiac disease you have probably heard that hundreds of times, but it's the best possible piece of advice anyone can give you. Sometimes the label doesn't clearly state whether the yogurt contains gluten, or not. When that happens, you should find out if the product contains wheat, barley,  rye or any of their derivatives.

Even though typical Greek yogurt is a dairy product manufactured without use of gluten you still should check the label to be sure it isn't a gluten containing food. While doing that you probably want to check whether the product has enough proteins, doesn't contain any unhealthy preservatives and is a probiotic one.

Read the labels even if you are buying still the same product

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Even if you are buying one specific Greek yogurt for a long time now, you still should (from time to time) read the labels again to ensure yourself that your product is still gluten-free.  From time to time producers change their recipes or manufacturing methods. You probably won't be pleased to find out that your favorite strained yogurt is now not gluten free (it's unlikely, but can happen) but it's still better to know before buying, not after consuming. 

Gluten free certificates

There are also some good news for you. Most companies have a full awareness that there is a huge market for gluten-free products. Because of that those firms  have labeled their products with “gluten free” caption. Some of them have gone even further and had their products certified to be gluten free.

Certificates purpose is to simplify the consumer's identification of gluten free foods based upon the presence of the certain certification mark on product labels. That certification mark should be known as the gluten-free standard for consumers. The certification organization you should know is Gluten Free Certification Organization. If your yogurt is labeled with GFCO certificate you have a guarantee that the product meets the strictest standards for gluten free principles.


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Another great thing about the GFCO is that it provides a list of a gluten free certified products on their website. If you want to find out whether a Greek yogurt of your choice is gluten free you can just visit GFCO certified products website[733] and check if your product is provided on the list. You can also find there some gluten free brands.


Greek yogurt can be a great gluten free meal. Unfortunately I can't give you a promise that every Greek yogurt available on the market will be gluten free. Is a rather unlikely situation that a yogurt (either regular yogurt or a strained one) includes gluten, but it can happen. As you already know you should always (or frequently if you are buying always the same product) read the label. Firstly you should be looking for GFCO sign that says the product does not contain any ingredients that contain gluten. If you can't find one you should check the rest of the label to find out if the yogurt if gluten free or not.

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