indy in the original

If you're an Indiana Jones movie fan like I am, you always have that little itch in the back of your mind about whether or not there will ever be another movie. Of course, some Indy fans have abandoned ship after the last installment. Personally, I loved seeing Harrison Ford go out in full Indy gear, weilding the bull whip, and fighting bad guys one last time. That being said, the movie had it's share of problems too that I won't deny. My biggest problem with it was the monkey scene.... just not good. Not good at all. And Shia being there wasn't as bad for me personally as it seemed to be for other people, but his character does make it harder to see Indy out on his own again without the new wife or fully grown kid in his next adventure. 

 And that begs the question, would he even be willing to go out and do that kind of stuff anymore when he has a family of his own at home to worry about? I don't really know. The next question is the question that people had been asking for years before "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" even came out. Is Harrison Ford too old? Well, I think he obviously was able to take on the role four years ago. I read that he even did a good portion of his own stunts. Still, its several years later now and I think the biggest point to make here is that Ford definitely was NOT too old back in the 90s. And that's when we SHOULD have seen more Indy movies. Heck, they could have done three or four movies in that decade that he would have still been young enough and in good enough shape to be fairly realistic as far as these movies go back then. They waited too long. Plain and simple. There was really no good reason to take as long of a break from the franchise as they did. I mean Harrison Ford had some good movies like "Airforce One", but not many. Spielberg had a few hits, but I don't think anything major and all Lucas really did was screw up his legacy with a sub par batch of Star Wars movies. These guys should have gotten together and made this happen a lot sooner. 

 I wish I could give some concrete details about whether or not there will be a new Indy movie coming up any time soon or really any time ever, but the truth is I don't know and I'm pretty sure that no matter what any of the creators, producers, etc. may say, they don't know either. There were plenty of times before Indy four when Spielberg and I'm pretty sure Lucas both said that it was all over and there wouldn't be any more Indiana Jones movies. And at that same time, there were interviews and comments at different points that made it look like they were about to start shooting the new movie and we're talking about YEARS before the last one ever got started. These guys don't seem to know what they're doing themselves half the time. Don't blame Ford though. If any of the big three involved was consistent in their desire to come back and do another one over all those years, I think it was Ford. He just couldn't do it alone. Now, with the reception to the last one and how it left off story wise, I'm not sure it can be done or at least not done well at all. 

 Maybe we just have to look at that last one with it's faults and with it's good points and appreciate it as the last of an epic franchise. It doesn't feel right though. Its like Rocky five. And even Stallone knew that one didn't do the franchise justice. That's why there is a Rocky Six. But if  we're going to see an Indy Five, I hope for all our sakes we see it sooner rather than later. And please guys, let's see a movie that's more Raiders of the Lost Ark and less Temple of Doom. And NO MORE MONKEYS. The only other thing I guess I should add in here for anyone of influence who may actually happen upon my little article is this... Please. Please. PLEASE do NOT recast the role of Indiana Jones so that we can have him be younger. Harrison Ford IS Indiana Jones as far as we fans are concerned. And I don't want to see a reboot or a "special edition" where you change a bunch of crap in some silly blue ray release of Raiders or anything like that and then all of a sudden instead of having that one Nazi guy's head melt and junk, we see it explode with all new special effects and Hayden Christensen is standing in the background with Yoda and junk. Keep Lucas away from the home releases of these things alltogether in fact. There should be a restraining order or something to keep him from messing with his own work. It was good the first time George. Go walk around the mall and mumble to yourself like the other retired people. Anyway, bitterness aside, I guess its really up to Harrison Ford to decide if he's too old and if he's not, its up to the powers that be to get off their collective can and get something made while they can and to make it right.