This post looks at just how much your genetics will influence your height? What's more, it investigates whether there are more factors which you can control that will help you grow taller as well as increase your height. Do not let your genetics be your only excuse!

If anyone sets out on a quest to become taller they are going to right away be faced with the question, can I grow taller than my genetics permit? This information answers this essential question - not surprisingly, if the answer to this question is no, then virtually any attempts a person engage in in an attempt to become taller are useless.

There's no question that the height we all grow to is mainly governed by the gene pool we have had passed down through our parents. If we have small parents then unless of course we strike it fortunate we'll most likely finish up a similar height as they are. On the inverse if we have very tall parents it's highly likely we will end up being tall as well, unless of course we've been unfortunate and manage to inherit shorter genes from someone further down the family tree.

But a lot more studies exhibiting that genetic makeup isn't the single element associated with our height. Even though genetic makeup will dictate the uppermost level of height we can grow to, by and large, many of us as human beings never achieve that height level. It is because there are many other aspects that restrict and restrain us from ever achieving those added inches in height that our body is possible of developing to. Most of these factors are related to our lifestyle and include our mental health, stress management, fitness and exercise, stretching, sleep, diet and nutrition and the utilization of vitamins and dietary supplements.

Out of the previously mentioned factors possibly the biggest ones we need to concentrate on are physical exercise (doing it the right way as well as stretching correctly) managing our stress levels, getting enough deep sleep and good nutrition (eating the best foods while staying away from ones that are damaging for our development). By simply getting these variables correct, you'll put yourself in advance of eighty percent of folks that are letting these primary factors stop them naturally become taller to their full potential. Don't allow your body's genes end up being your only defense for your shortness!