Hedonistic holidays Ibiza and the world

Ibiza’s reputation as the home of the hedonistic holiday, wild parties and the best clubs in the world is well known. The islands have for many decades been the hedonistic holiday capital of the world with travellers coming from all over Europe and the world to see the biggest DJ’s and the best clubs in the world. However, prices in Ibiza are incredibly high with alcohol, accommodation and club entries being astronomical by almost any budgets standards. The reputation of this hedonists paradise still keeps the place full and there are still some of the best clubs around. However, here we turn to look at Ibiza and some of its competition to work out where you should be spending your party holiday this year!


It’s only right to start in Ibiza and look at the clubbing paradise that this place is. The island has clubs all over it with the biggest in the towns of San Antonio and San Rafael. Each of the towns has its own mega clubs though with Amnesia, DC10, Eden, Es Paradis, Pacha and Privilege being the most world famous of them all. These are alive with tourists in the summer and there are literally hundreds of bars and clubs to explore playing all the latest tunes and the classics. The towns are where the real parties are but the smaller towns and villages over a wealth of fantastic beaches and beach bars to explore. In the days (if you’re awake) you can laze on the beaches or head to some of the great villages and towns like San Carlos or San Lorenzo to experience hippy arts culture at its finest.

            Ibiza really does see the biggest names and the biggest venues with only prices and the crowds being real downsides so it’s still a fantastic place to be and to party. However, we should also look at some of the competition for party holidays.


Tallinn in Estonia is much like a fairytale city and in recent years it has become a firm favourite with the more alternative party travellers for its hedonism filled nightlife and rock bottom prices. Unlike Ibiza a beer here will cost you less than a pound and you can drink to your heart’s content. The city has an incredible nightlife with many brilliant clubs from the extravagant x club to the Brazilian themed Club Baila. The music is very different from what you can find in Ibiza with much more variety and not as many of the latest tunes or big names but with a rich diversity of electronica and dance. Prices are simply fantastic and there are hundreds of clubs along the centre of town and further afield to explore meaning plenty of nightlife options. Tallinn is also much more of a cultural experience than Ibiza with great attractions and fantastic people.


Thailand is an amazing place with possibly the best party atmosphere in the world thanks to its incredible prices and backpacking rich tourism trade. Bangkok is a clubbers paradise with a culture unlike anything else you’ll have ever experienced. Khao San Road is a haven of tacky clubs and backpacker hostels with a culture unlike anything else in the world. Further south the beaches are incredible with huge towns simply dedicated to beach tourists and travellers. The infamous full moon parties are incredible with so much in the way of hedonism you’ll probably forget where you are. If you’re looking for something unlike anything you’ll find at home then Thailand is the hedonistic holiday for you.


Prague has a strange reputation for hedonistic holidays and it is a truly weird place attracting traditional tourist alongside hen nights, stag do’s and hedonistic travellers. The city is beautiful and there’s plenty to keep you out of the pubs from a sex toy museum to a torture museum. The city is awash with divvy pubs and bars and the clubbing scene is simply epic playing predominantly house and techno throughout the night. Prices aren’t at their cheapest but flights and accommodation are fairly cheap meaning it’s reasonably well suited to budget travellers. There are loads of activities catering to the hedonistic traveller and some incredible clubs that rival some of the best Ibiza has to offer.


In conclusion then I think that if you’re looking for Hedonistic holidays then Ibiza is still a great location and one that many people return to again and again. However, I think that Thailand is clearly better if you can afford the flights and the other locations make great alternatives. Ibiza’s biggest let down is the prices which are just ridiculous at more than 30 Euros to get into the big clubs and often more than a fiver for beer. Hopefully this gives you some good alternatives for your hedonistic holidays – just remember not to overdo it ………haha.