What is your motivation to get up in the morning? Have you found your lifes passion? Are you financially independent enough to pursue your lifes passion, to live your dreams? What if your lifes passion was your job, and you got paid well too do it? You would love to get up in the morning, or late afternoon, and do your job. A job is not a job if you truly love it.

Is your passion writing? Do you dream of traveling the country side like Jack Kerouac? Do you admire Mark Twain and want to live a life similar to him? Do you simply want to sit on your butt all day and get paid huge sums of money for physically easy work? You can if you want to. InfoBarrel provides a path for all of us to reach our goals.

Many professional writers call websites such as InfoBarrel "Content Mills". Is InfoBarrel a content mill? Probably. Is being a writer for a content mill a bad thing? Many professional freelancers thumb their nose down at content mill writers, and use arguments such as "why would you work for such low wages?"

If we compare a so called content mill such as InfoBarrel to a real factory, then we can see many similarities, but there are a few key differences.

Let start a story about a man named Sam. Sam went directly to work for the local French fry factory as soon as he graduated high school. Sam was a man of average intelligence, but he had no interest in going to college. Sam had been on a few tours of the French fry factory and grew up listening to people at the coffee shop who worked at the French dry factory. Many of those people hated their salary; they all wanted a pay raise.

Regardless of all of the complaints, Sam knew he wanted to go work for the French fry factory. Sam Worked hard for the next 40 years at the French fry factory. What if Sam had started writing articles for InfoBarrel full time instead of slaving away at the factory?

With InfoBarrel, you give yourself a pay raise. If you write 5 articles per day for a month, then every month for the rest of your life you will earn money off of those additional articles you wrote. It might not be a lot each month, but if you are like Sam, young at 18, you may earn money off of these articles for the next 50 years. If these 150 articles you wrote only earn you say, $25.00 a month, then you have gave yourself an annual raise of around $300. Over the next 25 years those articles your wrote could earn you around $7,500 total over 25 years.

If Sam works a lot of extra hours in one month, then Sam will earn some nice over time, giving him a larger then normal paycheck for the month. The following month Sam starts over, Sam gets no residuals for his overtime work in the French fry factory. If Sam continues to stay a hardworking employee, and never calls in sick, he eventually will get a promotion and if he is lucky a week of paid vacation.

If Sam is sick, he will not get paid for a day. With InfoBarrel, your articles will continue to earn each day regardless of if you write new articles or not.

Let's say Sam works 40 hours a week at the French fry factory, some weeks a bit more, each month Sam will have at least 160 hours on his paycheck. If he quits, the paychecks quit coming.

If instead of the factory, Sam spent 40 hours a week writing articles for a so called content mill such as InfoBarrel, then he will be able to crank out a lot of articles and earn a lot of residual income over his life time.

If you wrote 40 hours a week, with 2 articles per hour, then you would have at least 320 new articles each month. Let's take a conservative estimate here and say that 320 articles will earn you $125.00 per month. If you do this for 2 years you will have enough articles to earn around $3,200 dollars per month.

Sure, writing 320 articles per month for two years will take a lot of dedication, but the results are worth it.

Instead of chasing women, partying, drinking, and working at a French fry factory, Sam chooses a life altering route. Sam stays living at his parents' house when he graduates high school. Sam dedicates the next two years of his life to writing articles for InfoBarrel. Sam writes 320 articles every month for two years. Sam will now earn at least $3,200 per month for the rest of his life, even if he never writes another article.

Where would Sam have been after 2 years at the French fry factory? Maybe a shift supervisor if he was lucky.

After two years Sam slows up on his writing. He still writes a few articles each month, but no where near as many as he used too. Sam begins dating, falls in love, gets married, and has a child. Instead of missing time with his daughter because he has to go to the French fry factory for various shifts, Sam is able to spend a lot of quality time with his child.

When the child is older and has activities such as a soccer game, Sam is able to go and watch all of the games regardless of what day and time they are held at. Sam's friends that work at the factory miss many of their childs soccer games because they are forced to work a certain schedule.

You probably are not 18 year sold like Sam. You probably can not dedicate 40 hours a week writing articles for InfoBarrel. It will probably take you longer then 3 years. You can however, still achieve the same results as Sam if you write consistently and write a lot.

Sam and his family can not only afford to go on vacation but can also go when they decide too. Sam is not limited to 1 week per year. Traveling also gives Sam many new ideas for article topics. The success Sam has achieved is passed onto his wife who also begins writing for InfoBarrel.

Writing can be mentally exhaustive, but if you can dedicate yourself for a set period of time, then you can live the life you have dreamed of. Residuals from InfoBarrel will allow you to travel, and to be truly free. Financially free and also free of a job that forces you to work a set shift 5 days a week.

Writing for InfoBarrel can truly allow you to reach most any goals you have in life. It won't happen overnight, and you must stay focused on your goals, but it can be done.