Lacie ThunderboltCredit: LacieWe could be talking about a Marvel comic book hero, but what we are talking about here is the Thunderbolt technology from Intel. Light Peak is the previous name for what is now known as Thunderbolt. Not quite as super for a name for the technology but OK. Whatever the name of it, we are being given data transfer speeds to die for. Still only a promise of fast speed because there will still be a bit of wait before this will be fully available as we wait for the devices.

There will certainly be new devices coming to us and the companies are actually getting excited about making it available for users. In early 2011 MacBook Pro computers were the first computers offered for sale with the new Thunderbolt port. Well Apple did collaborate with Intel on this connection method promising transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps. Being able to move video file containing a complete feature film in less than 30 seconds to your Mac from an external Thunderbolt drive is very compelling. Amazingly fast and people that work with applications like Logic Pro, the creative professionals will love that speed.

Lacie are one of the first companies to bring out a hard drive and another has a Raid Storage nearly ready to go. As usual the new tech will be sold at a premium compared to the firewire and USB that we have been used to. Widespread take up and usage of Thunderbolt could take a number of years to be fully integrated into the world of computing. It will still come about, the adoption Thunderbolt, it will be affected by uses that we have now and new uses that will become prevalent in the future. Whatever happens long term you can bet on the nerds and geeks will grab a handful of new, shiny and fast as soon as they can do so.

With the port going on laptop computers first it is evident that the pro applications and Thunderbolt in combination will see some amazing mobile studio out in the field. Usability in Photoshop, Maya 3D, Logic Pro and of course, Final Cut Pro will be hugely enhanced by fast connection to the data. New iMacs are due out at any time now, it is widely expected that Thunderbolt will make a showing.  Something to talk about in the Mac20Q Podcast. Non Apple computers will eventually also get the Thunderbolt ports and that will help to push the take up of the technology.