The Benefits Of Going On A Walk After A Meal

A couple years ago I used to go for a walk every day after I ate lunch. I worked at an office job I I didn’t like the idea of skipping lunch. I sure as heck wasn’t going to get up early every day in the morning to exercise and I didn’t want to eat into my evenings by squeezing in a trip to the gym so I just ate a quick lunch and then followed it up immediately with a brisk 30 minute walk.

I did this not really because I needed to get back into shape, I just did it because I figured it was good for me. I figured it would help me stay in good health even as I started getting older. Also, maybe to an even greater degree, I did it because a recent knee surgery practically forced me into finding some sort of daily exercise. Without the daily motion I was at risk of having a knee that just didn’t work properly.

Having done this in hindsight I can see that my actions were an excellent thing to do because there are overwhelming studies that show that it’s very good for you to go for a walk after eating a meal. It’s not bad for you to walk immediately after eating at all. Sure, if you go hike a mountain after eating a monster steak and chili dinner you might regret it but for standard fare it’s quite healthy and enjoyable.

How Healthy Are Post-Meal Walks?

Should You Walk Before Or After A MealHow healthy is it? Well ever since I added daily post-meal walks into my routine I started researching what I was doing and I’ve found that it is helpful for digestion, limiting heartburn and related stomach issues, and even for management of blood sugar levels. Crazy enough you can look at the blood of a person who goes for a walk and find their blood sugar spikes after eating are lower on average for those who walk after eating compared to those who don’t walk.

Are you worried about heart disease, cholesterol, and high blood pressure? Walks are well known to be excellent blood pressure reducers but people who walk for 15 minutes immediately after eating dinner are going to experience more benefits than those same people if they were to wait longer and then take a 45 minute stroll every evening.

If you look at you’ll see comprehensive documentation of just about all the noteworthy benefits of walking after meals. The benefits are real and greater than wishful thinking; they enhance any efforts you may make to change your diet for the better too.

When I broke my knee I was hurting bad. My doctor told me that I needed to be active daily if I stood any chance at staving off early arthritis in the joint and walking was the best way I could accomplish this. Now that I’ve recovered I’m still walking. With all that I’ve learned about how it is so helpful how could I not.

It's OK To Go For A Walk On A Full Stomach

If you’ve ever considered taking after meal walks but decided against it due to fear of doing it on a full stomach give it a try. You’ll probably be surprised how it makes you feel.

You know that post-meal food coma? It’s not likely to happen when you get up and go walking after lunch or dinner and if you’re anything like me you’ll find that it only gets you primed and ready for whatever lies before you.