Try Hard

Have you ever wanted something really bad? If so what will you do to obtain this goal? Will you sit around and wait for something to happen? Will you try to achieve it and give up trying?  Or will you work hard at what you want and obtain that goal that you set?

The answer to the question above should be obvious. It should be second nature that anybody has to work a little hard to get something they want. Then why do people scornfully mock  and harry you with remarks such as "Try-Hard, Trier".

What Do Successful People Have In Common

Today people just sit and wait for things to come on a silver platter. Well if thats you its going to stop right now! People that work hard know what they want and how they are going to get what they want. People that put in effort most often reap the rewards. They are the millionaires and billionaires. I find that those who try also rarely give up. They keep at their goal to achieve what they want, whether anyone thinks it is right or wrong. So to say it one more time to make sure it sticks, PEOPLE THAT TRY HARD ARE THOSE THAT SUCCEED.

Your A "Try-Hard"!

It is not uncommon today to hear someone calling somebody a "Try-Hard". It is more likely that you will hear it among the youth of this generation, as I experienced first hand many times. Now that you know the association between successful people and their work ethic, when someone calls you a "Try-Hard" laugh in their face. They are calling you names because they are feeling beaten by a someone that works harder than them. The sad thing is they know if they work harder they could accomplish more but they are just too lazy to do anything about it. So when did this association with trying hard and being successful die out, because it wasn't always this way. Ask anybody that has graduated college and they will tell you that those who work hard succeed. To prove this point I asked my math teacher. This is the exact conversation:

Me: "Is there any correlation between people that work hard and people that succeed?"

Teacher: "Yes of course there is, who do you think your boss is going to hire someone that puts in no work and produces mediocre products or someone that works overtime and produces mediocre products?"

Me: "The person that puts in time and mediocre products. Okay, Next question do you think your generation frowns upon those that work hard?"

Teacher: "Anybody I know sure doesn't. From a teacher's standpoint I am willing to throw a few points a students way because they come to tutoring after school."

Me: "Thats all the questions you need to answer. Thank-you."

I wrote this article because I want you to know that it is okay to work hard at something. It is okay to Try-Hard because most of the time you will have what you want and someone won't have what they want. It is a great feeling knowing that after you put in hard work you will get the benefits, rather than just sitting down and waiting for things to come to you. I also wrote this article to motivate you to work hard on something you may want, and with enough time I'm positive you'll get it. So if you have kids or friends share this article with them, and maybe we can get America back to what it used to be with a little hard work. Just remember be a Try- Hard!


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