Is it possible to write 25 articles a day for Infobarrel. What if you spent an average of 20 minutes on each article? That would be a about 8 hours and 20 minutes simply to write out 25 articles. You still have to figure in time to publish your articles, spell check your articles, cross link your articles, find images for your articles, and also bathroom breaks.

If you worked really hard and typed fast about topics that required little to no research you may be able to write, publish, and cross link all 25 articles per day. I do not have an extra 10 hours day to write articles for InfoBarrel. Some days I do have 10 hours but other days it is much less time. Currently I am focusing on writing my articles in large spurts. When I get on a roll and finish an article I immediately start typing out a new article. I now have about 10 articles that need to be published and should publish Write Fastthem all in the next few days. Until then I am simply writing a bunch of articles.

One of the benefits of publishing a lot of articles n one day is that you will rapidly move into the leaders position for the monthly InfoBarrel contest. Anybody who thinks they can slack off and get position in the top three for a prize is sorely mistaken. This month I will be pushing hard in the contest as will Travis_Aitch and Sookie.

As we get more and more members the monthly contest will become harder to win. As long as you write a whole bunch you can earn a prize. You will have to publish a lot of new articles though if you want to finish in the top 3 spots and earn an Amazon gift certificate.

As I write this article on my computer I have 224 articles published on InfoBarrel. Including this article right here I have 13 that still need to be published. At least half of them are 1,000 words or more. When I publish these articles I will move into the top 3 in points for the monthly contest. If I do not continue to write more articles this month I do not expect to stay in the top three. I will however keep writing articles.

After I publish all of my reserve articles I will have 237 articles. I want to get to 300 by the end of the month. If I want to achieve my goal of 1,500 articles on InfoBarrel by the end of this year I must keep writing. If I could write 25 articles day that would be way cool. I would reach my goal in no time. Unfortunately writing 25 articles every day for the next 7 weeks is not feasible. I will have some days where I can write 15 or more articles but most days it will be less. As long as I can keep getting closer to my ultimate goal of 1500 articles I will be happy.

I am going on vacation and will be gone for 10 days. I will not be able to write articles during that time period. I would love to be able to reach my goal of 1500 articles by October 28th of this year. Then I would not have to stress about being behind on my articles while I am on vacation.

After this article is completed I will still need to write 1,263 more articles. If I can write an average of 15 articles per day then I can have my goal completed in about 84-85 days. Of course I have a lot going on. I will be out of service for a few days and will be busy with other activities. I would still like to reach my goal of 1500 articles but if I can reach 1500 articles by this summer then I will be able to have even more article sby the end of the year.

I am dedicated to reaching 1500 articles by the end of the year. I need to reach 1500 articles. I will reach 1500 articles. I can reach my goal in 90 days if I write about 14 articles a day. Some days I can easily write 14 articles but I do not think I can average 14 articles as somedays I can not write at all or I have too much going on. I will need to wrote at least 5 articles per day but the more I can write the sooner I can reach my goal.

If I could write 20 articles a day I would have my goal reached in 63 days. That would be excellent. If I did not have a job and could lock myself up and be left alone for 10-12 hours per day I would be able to write 20 articles day. I simply need to take advantage of the time I do have and to cram as many articles into my writing time as I possible can.

1,500 articles seems like a large number that is way off but I know as long as I keep pumping gout new articles that number will get closer. I will be able to reach my goal as long as I can pump out a lot of articles. If I can add large numbers of articles daily then I will be closer to achieving my goals.

At 1,500 articles I will be making some dang good money on Infobarrel. I hope that when I reach my goal of 1,500 articles it will help inspire other members to write a huge folio of articles for Infobarrel.

If we have 500 active writers who each write 1,500 articles then that is 750,000 articles just from those members. The amount of traffic that those articles will bring in will benefit everybody. A lot more traffic, higher Google Page Rank. And a very low Alexa number will all help to make InfoBarrel one of the most visited websites in the world. Image Credit: (Flickr/Cristic)