As I came across more than once with offers that teaches you "How to make a product in less than 3 days" (and in fact it took me some months instead!) - I decided to write my thoughts on this topic. Well all of us want to do things faster with as little effort as possible. But to do great things, the effort and the time involved are something that should be considered. Is there any shortcut? Maybe! Read further for you to find out.

Please be aware of the hype in this sort of titles. This sort of "hype" is very common used by marketers today in order to entice you to purchase their products and it is my intention here to dissect it and to help you see the unwritten side-notes of this kind of "hype". I am not saying it is impossible. As a matter of fact, it is even more probable when you already created a couple of products and know every technical aspect implied and also had all the experiences behind. But, could it be true when related to a true or false newbie? I think you should proceed with great caution when buying based on such kind of promises. Share with us in the comments section your experience like the necessary time in your case with creating your own product.

More often what they did not include in the needed time is the preparation work. This "little" aspect is not specified in their approach. And more often than not it is the whole work of preparation related to the creation of the product that takes a lot of time than the creation of the product itself. Let's take for example someone with a wonderful voice who enjoys singing. So the only work for that person would be to select some songs that he or she performs better and go record and make some nice CD's of them. The idea is mainly the same even you want to record just an interview with a friend, or some lessons, a sort of course, etc.... Well I took a very simple yet very straight example in order to exemplify my point. Do you really think that 3 days are enough to do this even if you have never done it before?

Let's go in details with this example. There are 2 choices for you; one is to record in a studio that could be very expensive and even non-doable because there is none in your area while the other one is to simply do it on your own. Both options need some preparation. You need to find a reachable recording house somewhere or buy or borrow some proper recording equipment to do it by yourself. This is an entire day of research work. Yes you could do it in 5 minutes of internet searching, but do you really want to? In both cases usually you want the most profitable deal measured not only by price and quality but also by further usage. That means that probably you are going to record more than 1 CD so you are looking for either a great recording house team to work with or a reliable good equipment to use at home. And it takes time to find this, let's say that no more than a day. If you are fast enough you could finish this first step in 1 day and either obtain a date to record from the recording house or a delivery of the necessary equipment in 24 hours.

The next step would be the recording process itself that for sure will take some hours in both cases. I think less time with the recording house and a little or a lot more if doing by yourself depending on how good you manage the technical part of the process. I assume that you did not work before with that particular equipment so you have to consider the needed time for the installation and the testing processes. This will be day 2.

And here we are in day 3 which is the last step, that is choosing a good, representative graphics for your brand new CD and have it arranged in several formats for the internet use or have it imprinted on your physical CD. You could research again on the internet to hire a person or a company to do this for you or once again simply do it by yourself.

Consider also this, in the given example you completely own the product you want to produce. What exactly I mean by "completely own the product"? In the case above it means that you know the collection of songs you want to record in both content and musical notes aspects so you don't need to do more exercises to perform them better. If the case is different, for example you want to write a book, "completely own the product" means that you have written the draft, copyright it and have the manuscript already stored in some way. Depending on the case probably for other products you need to add to this framework some more time to cover also the product creation part. It is about quality and you.

If you plan to make your own product then you will consider spending some time to make it of high quality. You will also need to do some market research and to respond to the question such as how to integrate the demand in your product? This is a very important one to answer in order to assure your success with the product. Having your own product is really a great step whether your aim is to brand yourself, to generate an income by selling it or to use it in some other ways. And my point here is that it takes time to create as well as to package it properly.

In conclusion the only way I see this "make a product in less than 3 days" really possible is by exchanging the time and effort with money. That is either you "hire" or work with a person/guide that has the experience and the tools to produce that exact type of product you want or to buy a really specialized step-by-step course that not only teaches you how to make it but also gives you all the needed tools to accomplish the steps.