I have been a smoker for many years and have made many attempts to stop smoking and stop smoking in one hour just sounded too good to be true. In this day and age of huge information overload, brought to us by all different types of media, it is actally pretty easy to find help when you want to stop smoking.

Your goal might not be to stop smoking in one hour, just to stop smoking for ever, two different things in my opinion. Like I said, I have stopped several times already, sometimes I even stopped for years in a row, but for some reason or another, at one point I´d light a cigaret and was back to smoking one pack a day, like I had never even stopped smoking!

The more times you stop smoking and then relapse back into your bad habits, the harder it gets to get motivated enough to try to get rid of this horribly unhealthy habit. Plus it is said that smoking is probably the hardest addiction to kick forever, so when you start thinking about kicking the habit, don´t rush into it.

You should really prepare so that your stop smoking effort will be the most productive and have the highest chance of being successful. By this I mean, that you just can´t say from one day to the next that you want to stop smoking, and then just try to stop cold turkey.

Even though I do feel that stopping cold turkey is the best method to stop smoking long term, seeing that you won´t be continuously feeding your body those products that keep you addicted anymore, you do need proper preparation.

The Stop Smoking in One Hour method could certainly work, because it is based on installing feelings of rejecting nicotine on the deepest level of your mind. And it is said that this method, brought on by some sort of hypnosis, will also take care of the withdrawal symptoms.

There are a lot of people that successfully quit smoking using the one hour method, and knowing that you should not take everything you read online for granted, I did my own studies and contacted with numerous people that said to have stopped using hypnosis and other methods to stop smoking.

The one thing that stood out for me was that those people that had been able to be smoke free for years, all had something in common. They had a very firm will power but also prepared properly. So what do I mean by preparing yourself for your last attempt to stop smoking? You must get into the mindset that this time around it will really be the last, and if you feel it will be hard, just pull out all cards available to ensure you get the best opportunity to kick this habit.

In my case, I had been thinking about stopping smoking for a considerable length of time and was making some halfheartedly attempts, telling myself that as soon as my pack of cigarettes was finished I´d just wouldn´t buy another one.

Of course that does not work that way and basically I was fooling myself. But the desire to stop smoking became more and more sincere so I started to investigate more seriously in all the different tools available on the market today in order to stop without too many problems. There are of course different pills and sprays, some are available over the counter, others need to be prescribed by a doctor, but basically they work in two ways. They either contain nicotine so that you won´t be too troubled by the withdrawal symptoms or they contain other products that will calm you down.

For me personally, I did not want to take anything that contained nicotine since it would kind of forego the whole reason of stopping smoking in the first place, wanting to get rid of the addiction to nicotine or any other product and I felt that if I would use nicotine gums or the likes, I would get hooked on those instead of the cigarettes. However, if you do feel you need to control those withdrawal symptoms, I´d listen to your own body and go ahead and talk with your doctor about the possibility of using medication to stop smoking in one hour.

Something that really did work for me was to conciuously plan the date that I woud stop smoking. I had a good look at the calender and made sure I would stop a few days before an active weekend, knowing that during that weekend my mind would be so occupied that I wouldn´t feel like smoking too much anyways, plus I would be in the company of several non-smokers. Obviously I told them about my plans and asked for their support, making sure that nobody would of my smoker friends would give me cigarettes and better even, being backed up by the non-smokers at the same time. Having stopped before I did not really expect to have a lot of withdrawal symptoms but this time around it was aweful.

It has taken me 2 weeks to feel a bit better again, but during the first two weeks I felt so anxious I could hardly sleep and the only thing on my mind was how to come up with a good excuse that would allow me to go back to smoking again. Looking back at that period, I don´t think it is the nicotine physically that gives the most problems, but the mental chitchat going on in your mind, that tries to justify smoking one more cigarette.

Therefore, I would advice anybody seriously thinking about kicking the nicotine to the curb, to do everything possible to change your mindset and if that means that you have to undergo a hypnosis session either live or with the help of a book or stop smoking in one hour DVD, then go for it. The more tools you use, the more back up systems you put in place and the more support you get, the higher the chances of being able to finally stop smoking for good!