A Warning We Should All Take Note Of

Hurricane Irene Show's What Is To Come

This time, we were given enough warning of the change in weather by meteorological measurement systems and weather pattern warning beacons which are speckled throughout the planet's surface. The warning that there was a large formed Hurricane that was set to start a rogue journey across at least four countries and bring not just chaos and devastation, but an unmeasurable amount of death and carnage that has never been seen in our lifetime.

Hurricane Irene formed itself over the US, while alert centres gathered the information about where it was headed, just like the scientists and experts dramatized in the cinema hit film "The Day After Tomorrow". Further to the film, the after effects of the catastrophic episodes that followed, we see in the US - and around the world - that people are afraid that this disaster which has caused more than $7 billion dollars of carnage is just the beginning.

Being as sympathetic as they possibly can - I'm sure - the US Senate and the Governments of the world are poised to admit "Some" of the blame to being a part of Global Warming, while the public sit with bated breath as from everywhere we are told: "This is just the beginning."

Is it a case of being "The Day After Tomorrow - Today?" Or, is the media hype rustling feathers for more paper sales? We look at the world in such a different way as individual's; if we want to know whether its going to rain, we look outside our windows or check the local weather on the news. If there is a chance of snow, we sometimes refer to our thermometers or refer to cloud formations that depict colder weather fronts that bring icicle particles over high ground. With Hurricane's, the calculations are completely different and sometimes misleading.

As more and more people now become "Globally Friendly", we are beginning to see major changes in the attitudes of Government, too, with the most recent developments accounting Barack Obama to lead in reducing America's country-wide pollution, with China and Europe following very close behind. But it still hasn't changed the sometimes "Freak" weather across the Globe - Nor shall it for at least twenty years - according to some of the world leading experts.

By the way in which our life-styles change from week-to-week, month-to-month, it is the core elements of our habits and routines that make the changes to our planet the key. For as many who stop using toxic materials, more join the band wagon that supersede them by adding a higher volume of pollutants that will damage the atmosphere. And, with such luxuries as vehicles, cosmetics and food being a long-standing attribute to Global Warming, we refuse to give them up - Why should we, after all they are bought and paid for.

If our world - planet - are to be subject to a change where the weather conditions are the least of our problems, then there is the outlook of Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Solar Flares to take note of, too, with the entire planet being a sudden "Elemental Attack" of Mother Nature's Wrath. Often refered to as "The Full Circle Effect", scientists believe that Earth is repeating past events which will eventually come "Full Circle", and in doing so the inhabitants of Planet Earth will have to adapt to the changes as they happen - or be wiped out. Great news for those parent's who wish their children the best for the future I'm sure, but is there really anything we can do now to stop this bleak outlook happening?

With Scientific Researchers scrambling against time to find out what the future hold's, we have many people theorizing that it is the work of "God", like Michele Bachmann, Congresswoman and Presidential Candidate., telling Seniors in Florida, that "It was an act of God." If indeed this was the case, then how could we possibly defend ourselves against such an atrocity which more powerful than a mere human being?

In reflection to all that has happened over the past one hundred years, and that which people may misconceived as "Acts of God", what we are seeing now, as in New York and Canada, is nothing to do with a religious entity - I'm sure. It is, rather, the working's of Planet Earth regaining its balance and stability to once again detoxify the atmosphere and replenish the Earth of its sources for further survival. Respectfully speaking, the Congresswoman is partly correct in her words, as far as to say - according to the Bible - God built the world in six days. With the planet being a part of the "Big Bang Theory", which God himself could have created, the heated rock, lava and plasma that made the world would have to cool down, right? So, in retrospect of this, it is safe to say that something so large as Earth would experience changes throughout the "Cool Down" period. So, would it be safe to say that the planet is cooling down and at the same moving into place all the things that are experiencing the Catastrophe's, or would it still be claimed that it is "The act of God" which is bestowing upon us his anger of how we have abused our home world?

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