It was 1973; a lesbian couple was refused the right to receive a marriage license because their proposed relationship wasn’t a legal marriage (Doskow online). Marriage is stated as to be a relationship between two people. Biblically, it’s  among one man and one woman. Regardless, of whom it’s between, either be Joe and Betty, or Josh and Brian, its two people that happen to be in love. However, conservatives view same-sex marriage to be a sin. A marriage that is bound to destroy procreation, and ruin family values. On the other hand, liberals find same-sex marriage to be nothing of harm, simply a strong, healthy, and lovable relationship. Where do we draw the line? Who knows? I know for one thing that discriminating homosexual couples and violating the constitutional rights is unethical. Only allowing opposite-sex couples to marry should be a thing of the past. Same-sex marriage, I believe, should not be discriminated upon, and should be legalized.

People like David Kupellan, author of The Marketing of Evil, find homosexuality to be a sin. A mad destruction of our society. Stated in The Marketing of Evil, Kupellan clearly states that, “We’ve forgotten as a society what love is, because supporting and justifying homosexuality is not real love any more than glorifying drinking helps the alcoholic or celebrating smoking helps wipe out lung cancer” (Turek online). Love; however, does not have to be justified between one man and one woman. Who has the right to state that, for example, Josh and Brian cannot love each other? No one. It is their love and their right to be together. Though, many conservatives still believe the basis of a relationship is between one man and one woman who truly can share love from one another. John Tomicki, president of New Jersey Coalition to Preserve and Protect Marriage, finds that this is how the Constitution was created; you cannot take it to court and have the legislature change it (Dopp online). It is fundamentally right. Right for who? Those of opposite-sex? Of course, but we are clearly leaving out the entire half of the population that is not receiving the same rights. It all boils down to rights, though; allowing same-sex marriages could potentially increase taxes, especially income taxes. This will accommodate for the marriage benefits provided for the same-sex couples and the social costs that would be paid for due to a development in illegitimacy, a child born to unwed parents (Turek online).

The tax increase will not only hurt heterosexuals, but homosexuals as well. Money; however, should not be considered a deciding factor in allowing same-sex marriages. It’s the right that we’re after, not the money. This discrimination, to me, is highly unconstitutional, though, I do have huge respect for most of our society trying to save the institution of marriage and protect the current family values that we have stated and created. In all, it comes down to money, love, and the fundamental rights of our country. I, for one, feel that it‚’s all nonsense, arguing what‚Äôs love, the rights of people, and so on, but that is what it has come down to. Same-sex marriage is not harmful. It is simply a love that wants to be shown to the world.

Steven Goldstein, head of Garden State Equality, states, “If we win marriage equality, it would be the fulfillment of our American dream. It would mean equality. This is really our lives on the line” (Dopp online). Providing the right for same-sex couples to marry is no different than allowing African-Americans to marry Caucasians. We are in a new society, times have changed, and it’s time to allow same-sex marriage. Many states across the U.S. have been doing their best to legalize same-sex marriage. Currently, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples (NCSL online). There are many states that accept and recognize same-sex couples, though, will still not permit the allowance of same-sex marriage. Our society says we want no discrimination, a state at which there is equality among others. Obviously, as humans, we have not been doing our job. It is 2009 and we have been fighting for this right since 1971 (Doskow online). The time has come to end this and do what we all know is right, allow same-sex marriage, and stop this hatred. What some people may not understand is we’re destroying their love from being legal and true. I understand that you don’t need a marriage to complete love, but it’s the sensibility of it being official, it‚’s legal. Without same-sex couples having the right to marriage, they will lose many benefits, including, health care, child custody protection, tax and inheritance protections (Cichoki online). It’s vitally wrong. I know for fact, happily married opposite-sex couples wouldn’t want this to happen to them, so why should same-sex couples have to fight for their right to live. There is no equality living among us. Not only do I believe same-sex marriage should be legalized, but many liberals feel the same way. Legalize. Legalize. Legalize.

At the moment, there is no apparent increase in states legalizing same-sex marriage. Though, there is a common ground between both conservative’s and liberal’s views. For instance, in Connecticut and New Jersey, couples are able to receive relationship recognition under a civil union (Doskow online). A civil union is just another term for marriage, but with the same rights as a legal marriage (Doskow online). In other states, such as Oregon, there is a domestic partnership, some rights are applied just like in a marriage, but many restricted (Doskow online). This relationship recognition is stated under state law, similar to a civil union; however, there are no guaranteed benefits under the federal law for same-sex couples considering receiving a civil union (Doskow online). The problem in establishing a civil union and/or domestic partnership throughout the U.S. is the lack of rights and benefits. Overall, it’s a good start and a great progress toward legalization of same-sex marriage.

I was told as a child to not discriminate a person of color or judge a person because of who they are. Everyone is unique in his or her way. The person may not look like you, or have the same characteristics as you, but you’re the same. We’re all human. Truthfully, we aren’t that all different. Same color of blood, same organs, and I’m pretty sure we each have a pair of eyes. Discriminating someone based on their sexuality isn’t right. It just happens to be who they are. Same-sex couples, Josh and Brian, or Lucy and Sue, they are just like me and you, humans, and they are in love. Not giving someone the right to a marriage because of who they love is immoral. Love is the most important thing. If that person happens to be someone of the same-sex, then so be it. It’s the one person they confide in, cherish, respect, and want to spend the rest of their life with that we are taking away from same-sex couples that want to be legally married. Allowing this legalization to occur will perhaps change our society as we know today. The equality among others that we want to establish will enhance our views in others, creating a place of acceptance. I absolutely, strongly believe same-sex marriage should be legalized.