Time To Start Looking For A New JobCredit: Gery Lavrob

Most people who have work would not think of looking for a new job unless they knew that they were close to losing it. Even if there is no real job security people like to stick with one thing because they feel as if they can create that security. The truth is that even if you have work for the foreseeable future it does not mean that you have to stay right where you are.

If you hate your job but you are not looking for something else then you will stay unhappy until retirement or until your boss decides that they need to make some cuts. Some of those excuses seem to make a lot of sense when you tell yourself that’s the reason to stay, but do they really make sense? There are many reasons to start your search for new horizons in your professional career but there are also many excuses stopping you and here are a few of them.

Job Security

Job Security Is Not As SecureCredit: YingYang

Though most people like to believe they will have a place to work the next day, the truth is that for the most part job security is not something real. Sure there are people who will spend all of their lives with one employer, but in reality you could show up tomorrow to the office to find that they had to do layoffs. Sometimes you will read about people who have spent 30 years with the same company only to get let go just before they retire. It is unfair, but that is the system that we have in the United States. If a company has stock holders and the bottom line is not met then they have to cut the work force.

Job security is not a reason not to look for something because it is a mirage in the desert; it looks as if it is there, but it is not. That is not to say that there are no jobs that you are likely to retire from, but rather that even those companies can see their situation change from one day to the next.

The Money Is Good

Is The Money Worth Your Happiness?Credit: Don Bailey

This is an excuse that is completely understandable, but that should not stop you from looking for a new job. What is the point of making good money if you will be too stressed all the time to enjoy it? Some people will sit in their car in the parking lot knowing that they have to go into work even though they know the next 8 hours will be almost unbearable. You may see yourself in a situation wondering if it is too late to call in sick, but then if you did you would eventually have to go back. You are not solving the problem.

Money is necessary to survive as everyone has bills to pay, but in other fields people are making just as much money as you are or more for doing something you would love to do. Some people are maybe making a little less, but they find ways to make ends meet. The big question that you need to ask yourself is “how much is my happiness worth?” Most people are not making a fraction of what they think happiness is actually worth, so why not try to get what you want and deserve?

I Don’t Have The Necessary Experience

Get The ExperienceCredit: Steven Errico

Some will tell themselves that they need to stay in their current job because that is what they have experience on. They feel as if a potential employer will not hire them because the requirements for the job are just not something you have. You may meet some of those requirements, but not all of them. Here is a little secret that potential employers do not advertise; the list of requirements that they ask for are a wish list and a lot of the time the person who lands the job does not have all of them.

Of course you need to meet some of the requirements for a job, and if you do not have any now, then it is time to start thinking how you can meet those requirements. Perhaps you can take some classes, try a volunteer project, internships, or even start at a lower position and work your way to where you want. If you need to pay your dues, then do so because eventually it will be worth it. Tell the person interviewing you where you see yourself in the future and make it clear what it is that you want. They will keep you in mind once that job opens up.

You Are Used To It

If you have ever told yourself that you will stay at a current position that you hate because you feel comfortable with it then you really need to look at what that means. Does it mean that you normally go into work and hate a third of your day but you will not work at making it better? Being used to what you do when you hate it is the worse excuse that you can use to not start looking for a new job. An even bigger problem is when you use that excuse to stay at a job that does not even pay so well. If you tell yourself that you are used to hating your job and you do not do anything about it that should give you a big wake up call.

It Is For Your Family

Brining Stress To Your HomeCredit: Jamie Grill

Your family members are the most important people in your life, so it is natural to use them as an excuse to stay right where you are. Here is something that you should understand; just like they are the most important people in your life, you are one of the most important people in theirs. Your family wants you to feel happy. Your family needs you to feel happy.

Have you ever thought that the problems at work were coming home with you? Your family has also been the victim of that. You may not dedicate as much time to them as you want and they deserve because you want some quiet time. When you do something that you like you lower your stress levels making you happy and your family happy. You do not have to go in on Monday, but you should not avoid looking for a job that you love because of your family. Search for the new employer, secure it and then quit so that the transition does not affect the ones you love.