When Cell Phones Make Kids Fat

When Cell Phones Make Kids FatOnce upon a time, your child loved playing outdoor games. He was on the school soccer team, he enjoyed biking every weekend, he spent summers playing beach volley and surfing the board. He was happy, you felt blessed. And then one fine day you bought him an Android based phone and his life changed. He started surfing the Internet instead of the board, played video games instead of volley ball; became a top scoring Mine craft, Mega Run and Angry Birds player. He became fat, looked boring but lived with his phone happily ever after.

Sounds awful? And this isn't any fairy tale but a possible thing that can happen with your child if he is one of the junk food munching, handheld game playing, and always texting type of a kid.

How are Cell Phones Making Kids Fat and Boring?

Foodie Apps & Games Create Junk Food Craving

A kid has so many reasons to turn fat. Some say fat friends with bad eating habits influence the kids, while others believe lack of physical activities does it all. Earlier, people would say TV viewing turns kids fat but now kids spend more time on computers and still more on their handhelds compared to TV. If TV did it in the past, handheld is surely doing this in the present.

Some believe that food related advertisements create food craving in kids which makes them munch chips and fries, chomp upon the burgers and gobble up those extra-cheese pizzas. But food and health experts have found similar craving created by mobile based food apps and games.

So, if your child has any of those foodie apps and games on his cell phone, there are chances that he craves for food more than usual. However, age, discipline and lifestyle also affects in the case.

Playing Games & Texting without Stopping Hinders in Physical Activities

When kids find mobile based games more interesting compared to outdoor sports and start playing them addictively for hours, they stop being physically active. As, most handhelds now offer interesting and attention catching video games, kids stop all their physical activities and devote more time to these games which make them lazy and boring leading to obesity. Similar to this is the texting habits of today's kids who keep texting all the time missing out important calorie burning activities.

How can We Help our Kids Stop Addictively Using Cell phones and Burn Calories?

Set Rules for Mobile Phone, Gaming Consoles & other Gadgets

Make a special rule for almost all the gadgets in your home whether it is a PC or a gaming console or your child's mobile phone. Make sure your child doesn't spend too much of time on any of the gadgets and especially the cell phones because he may give an excuse of multi-tasking. Adults in the family will also have to follow the rules to make kids maintain the discipline.

Say No to Extremely Foodie Apps & Games

If your child plays more of the foodie games and spends more time on food related mobile apps, you need to check that. Better remove these apps and games from your child's handheld and encourage him to play more active and interesting games.

Use Child Mobile Monitoring Application

If you think your child won't listen to you or spend all his leisure playing mobile games and sending text message to friends in your absence, install child mobile monitoring application on your child's cell phone which will keep telling you what your child does with the phone when you are not around. This will also prove helpful in blocking certain apps and game sites. And at the same time, blocking the downloading process is also possible. So, you can stop your child from getting too indulgent in lazy games and make him partake in some active games that burn more calories.

Get Involved in Active Sports with your Child

It is generally seen that kids follow their parents in developing habits and getting involved in hobbies. So, it is common to find lazy parents have lazy kids. If you don't want your child to be lazy start playing active sports that involves the whole family. Beach volley, water surfing or simply going for a bike ride will be enough to burn a lot of calorie of your entire family.