Pro-wrestler Jeff Hardy has enjoyed a storied and eventful career in WWE wrestling. The over-30 year old wrestler broke into WWE back in 1994 when he originally fought Razor Ramon, and then 1-2-3 Kid (X-Pac) as a jobber wrestler. As a jobber he basically was in the ring to help the "superstar" wrestlers get the win and look good. Jeff Hardy didn't remain in that role though, and over the years he propelled into the spotlight along with his brother Matt Hardy, as they formed one of the most popular and successful WWE tag teams in history. Jeff and Matt competed in Ladder matches, Table Matches and TLC (Table, Ladders and Chairs) Matches as well. In fact, it's possible that only a handful of wrestlers have gone through more destruction in and around the ring then Jeff Hardy has. Appropriately he will wrestle at Summerslam 2009 on Sunday August 23 in a TLC match.

In Jeff Hardy's Summerslam match he'll be defending the World Heavyweight title against CM Punk, a former 2-time champion. Punk has stated that he will finally end Jeff Hardy's WWE career, to save the fans from Jeff's problematic image. What Punk is referring to is Jeff's previous suspensions involving drug and alcohol use which violated WWE's Wellness Policy. Under the policy, WWE only allows two strikes per wrestler, and on the third they'll be fired from WWE forever. Jeff's had a number of incidents throughout his career, and recently it's been known that he might be leaving the WWE. It's unknown if he'll leave for good, or will be planning to comeback. If it's for good, that could make Jeff's Summerslam match his last ever.

The Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk TLC match will probably be the highlight match of the Pay-Per-View. Both men are extreme daredevils in the ring. Punk has won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania 25 back-to-back times now. Jeff is very familiar with TLC matches having competed against other famous tag teams in WWE like the Dudley Boyz and Christian and Edge. Jeff's put his body on the line numerous times, including a daredevil Swanton Bomb move he did from off the top of a high scaffolding on WWE Raw. Through it all, Jeff has kept competing and kept entertaining the fans of the WWE Universe.

If Jeff loses Sunday, he loses the World Heavyweight title, and it may be the final time we see him in the ring. His brother Matt recently posted a message on Twitter in which he referred to a tag team match on Smackdown as what bould be the last time you see Jeff and Matt on TV. This could mean Jeff is on his way out, and if that's the case the WWE Universe will miss this extreme, enigmatic talent.