Is Jesus God? Is it a Scam that Jesus is God?

In the name of the father and of the son and of the holy ghost or the holy spirit. That is part of a prayer that has been recited for centuries. There is also the idea of God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Well that brings us to the question, is Jesus God? If Jesus is not God, where did the teaching of God the Son comes from? Have we been scammed by the teaching that Jesus is God? Let us look at some interesting points that might help understand the question, is Jesus God?

Who is Jesus and Is Jesus God?

Well, let us look at the scriptures to get an answer to this question. The angel answered, "The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God. – Luke chapter 1:35 new international version

Anyone who can read can quickly answer the question is Jesus God. It state here that the child will be called "Son of God". That is simple and straight to the point. Jesus is not God. The bible says that Jesus is the son of God.

Where did the teaching that Jesus is God derived?

If you have heard about the saying God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit, you probably think that expression came from the bible. Well it is not derived from the bible. This teaching has to do with the Trinity. By the way, you will never find the word Trinity in the bible. The teaching of the Trinity is also derived from pagan worship. The bible clearly states that Jesus is not God but rather that Jesus is the son of God.

Does it really matter if Jesus is God?

If you are a believer, it does matter because your faith really depends on it. If Jesus is God and Jesus was killed when he was on earth. He was dead for 3 days, who raised Jesus from the dead if Jesus was God? That will mean that God was killed. If God died, who had the power to raise God from death? If on the other hand Jesus is the son of God, then it must be God who raised Jesus from the grave. There is no mystery in the question "is Jesus God".

Another reason why it does matter if Jesus is God is because of what the bible said. The bible said that no man can see God and live. On the other hand thousands saw Jesus when he was on earth. If Jesus was God, they would all have died. It is obvious that Jesus is not God. What about the idea of God the Holy Spirit? Is the holy spirit male or female?

Have millions been scammed into believing that Jesus is God? The answer is yes. In the days of William Tyndale, those who wanted to read what the scriptures said were killed. Today the scriptures are freely available and very few take the time to read them. If you really want to know the correct answers to questions like is Jesus God? You need to take the time to read the bible for yourself. Don't believe everything you are told. Is Jesus God? NO!