In a recently released clip previewing the upcoming second part of the season 4 reunion of The Real Housewives of New York City, Ramona Singer makes the shocking accusation that fellow housewife Jill Zarin is an alcoholic.  Jill's expression in response to Ramona's accusation is clearly shock but the clip does not show Jill's response.  Viewers are left to wonder whether Jill is an alcoholic. When Part 2 of the reunion airs, viewers still may not know the truth as Jill could simply deny or refuse to respond to Ramona's accusation.  So we are left to wonder, is Jill Zarin an alcoholic?

It should first be noted that Ramona's accusation comes in response to accusations by Jill than Ramona has a drinking problem. Throughout the season, Jill and the rest of the brunettes (particularly LuAnn) make comments implying that they believe Ramona is too dependent on her pinot grigio. Of course, Ramona frequently mentions pinot grigio as she has recently launched her own version of the popular white wine, aptly named Ramona Singer Pinot Grigio. Therefore, Ramona uses every opportunity possible throughout filming to share how wonderful and delicious her pinot grigio is.

Nevertheless, many of the ladies are critical of Ramona's pinot grigio consumption and need for "turtle time."  For those who do not know what turtle time is, during season 3, Ramona and some of the other housewives travelled to St. John's to celebrate her upcoming vowel renewal. After a few too many pinot grigios, Ramona decides she wants to go dancing at a local club, Turtle Time. In order to try to persuade the other ladies, with a glass of pinot in her hand, she slurs "tuuurtle time" and dances in the middle of the sidewalk. This scene was replayed numerous times on Andy Cohen's late night Bravo talk show Watch What Happens Live and has therefore, become a well known term amongst Housewives fans.

In a segment of the reunion addressing the portrayal of Ramona’s drinking and alleged problem, Andy Cohen reads a blurb from Jill’s blog stating that Ramona drinks in an unhealthy manner.  Ramona fired back by saying “You know what Jill, I really respect you. I think you are a fabulous woman. I know at times you had problems. You went to AA, you had alcoholic problems. Just because you did doesn’t mean I do.”

Jill’s expression is clear shock and outrage at Ramona’s allegation, but is it shock because she could not believe Ramona would reveal something so private or shock because of the ridiculousness of the allegation?

During Season 4 it was mentioned that Jill never drinks alcohol and only drinks Diet Coke.  Is this because she is an alcoholic or because Jill does not want to wast calories on drinks?  Either explanation is plausible or maybe Jill simply does not like the taste of alcohol  Unless Jill comes forward herself and shares that she has a drinking problem, viewers may never know the truth.  

In one Season 4 episode, Jill has a cocktail and toasts with the other ladies.  The ladies happily comment that Jill never drinks and are clearly happy that she is sharing in the toast with them.  Clearly, if Jill were an alcoholic, the other housewives would not be happy if Jill were an alcoholic and having a cocktail.  Further, if Jill were an alcoholic or had a history of drinking problems, she would likely not have even a sip of an alcoholic beverage.

Viewers will have to wait until Monday, August 1, 2011 when Part 2 of The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion airs on Bravo.  In the meantime, fans can watch the preview clip in which Ramona alleges that Jill had a past history of drinking problems and attended AA at