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Karmaloop, one of the biggest internet retailers of streetwear for men and women sells everything from shoes to apparel to accessories from great brands like Obey, Vans, Diamond Supply Co., and many others. As the leader in their online game, the company even had to launch a special flash site to host sales and other events. In December of 2011, according to one Karmaloop review, the company decided to add another bag of tricks to their repertoire, the Karmaloop Monark program.

What is Karmaloop Monark?

The Karmaloop Monark program is a frequent shopper program that allows members to get access to cool stuff like exclusive sales and merchandise. However, this program is not free. In fact the price tags are quite high, and whether or not it is worth it depends largely upon your tastes and how often you plan to shop the special sales.

How Much Does It Cost?

Karmaloop Monark prices are subject to change, but at the time of this writing, they were as follows: A three-month membership is $119.95, and the company claims it is a $180.00 value. A six-month membership offers some savings compared to the three-month membership, and it costs $219.95 with a projected value of $360.00. Finally a year's membership carries a price tag that is just under $400 with a supposed value of $720. With price tags like these, consumers can only ask themselves one question, is Karmaloop Monark worth it?

What Does Karmaloop Monark Membership Include?

With a membership in the monark program, shoppers get access to special sales on Karmaloop.com and Plndr.com. For people who shop online for streetwear on a regular basis, these sales can be the ideal way to get the clothes that they want at lower prices than normal. Karmaloop, according to a Karmaloop review, already has low prices as well as free shipping for many orders. One shopper ordered a BB Dakota Jacket for 70% off after they had applied all of their online discounts and coupons. That price was even without membership to the Monark program so Monark shoppers should be prepared to save even more.

One of the most talked about hallmarks of the Karmaloop Monark program is the box also called a "diplomatic pouch" that members are sent each month. The contents vary every month, but they always contain limited item luxuries like clothing, jewelry, or accessories that are only available to Monark members.

Every month, the box is a surprise, but people who are thinking about Karmaloop Monark can preview the contents of previous boxes when they visit the Monark Box page of the Karmapoola website. The December 2011 box, for instance, contains a t-shirt inspired by the royal seal of King Menelik I, the head of the Solomonic dynasty believed by some to have taken the Ark of the Covenant to Ethiopia. Also included was a bracelet of Onyx stones with an antique golden bead in the center.

The March 2012 box also contained an exclusive t-shirt and a piece of jewelry. In March, the jewelry was a necklace, and the t-shirt was designed to make recipients think independently through an artistic nod at historical Russia. The t-shirt blends images of the Orthodox crucifix, a sign of good fortune, and Rasputin's effigy drawn as a half skull.

The Karmaloop Monark program is worth it if you think you will like the boxes. On a monthly basis, the boxes cost anywhere from $33 to $40, and they are worth much more than that. That means that members get their money's worth before they even shop at one of the company's exclusive sales. If you do not think you will like the box, another Karmaloop review claims, you will probably not find this program to be worth it.