Kurt Geiger coupon

Kurt Geiger is a popular footwear retail company that owns over 50 stores in the UK, as well as an online store that caters to local and international customers. They sell major designer shoe brands, as well as a good number of their own designs. The question is: Is Kurt Geiger a real person?

The Answer

Yes, he is a real person. The company is named after the founder of the store, who first opened his first shop in London in 1963. Since the start of the business, the company has expanded to more than 50 stores in the UK and to the Internet as well. In fact, Kurt Geiger has become quite a recognized retailer in the UK.

His Story

Kurt Geiger was originally from Austria. He moved to England as a result of the Second World War. In 1963, he opened his first store on Bond Street, London, naming it after himself. In 1978, his company merged with Carvela. It was then acquired by House of Fraser in 1985. In 2011, the company was again acquired by The Jones Group, which is a US company. In the same year, the official website was launched to allow International shipping.

What Became of His Company?

Today, Kurt Geiger is considered to be a leading authority when it comes to designer footwear. The company has more than 65 stores all over the world and 100 concessions within Europe's major department stores. In addition, they offer online shopping to worldwide customers through their website: kurtgeiger.com. They sell more than 2 million pairs of shoes every year.

British Vogue readers voted them as UK's coolest footwear brand. They now own four labels: KG Kurt Geiger, Kurt Geiger London, Miss KG and Carvela Kurt Geiger. In 2012, the company took the first step to introduce the footwear brand to the United States through its digital store, us.kurtgeiger.com. In fact, a number of Kurt Geiger stores are scheduled for opening in the United States (as of 2012). This is a definite move for the company to reach a wider customer base across the country, and they offer Kurt Geiger coupon discounts, too.

Collaboration With Manolo Blahnik

On May, 2012, excitement filled the air when news of Manolo Blahnik collaborating with Kurt Geiger broke the Internet. Mr B, as he is popularly called, got into talks with Kurt Geiger. Liberty already opened a Blahnik store earlier in the year, but as of July, Harrods also opened their own store under Kurt Geiger's management. Mr B and his fans were definitely excited about the opening as his designs will reach an even broader audience.

Final Word

Kurt Geiger and his retail company have come a long way since its opening in 1963. This designer has transformed the world of fashion through his footwear retail work. The popularity of the company and its brands has even reached the United States, a big market in the fashion industry. Through the company's online store, it can even reach a broader audience. The prices of the designer shoes that they sell are quite expensive, but customers can get discounts by using a Kurt Geiger coupon.