Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga, born March 28, 1986 is a very well known pop icon. Many people consider her the "Madonna" of this generation. Some of her most memorable musical works include "Just Dance", "Telephone", and "Poker Face." Ms. Gaga, herself was raised Roman Catholic and went to a Roman Catholic all-girls school in Manhattan. She attended "Tisch School of Arts in New York beginning at the age of 17 years old, which she dropped out of in her second year to pursue her music career. Ms. Gaga, at the age of 19 got her first chance with Def Jam Recording, but was dropped three months later according to

So, is Lady Gaga a good role model for young Christian girls? Does she exemplify Christian values? Sure one could say, she's an independent woman who went after her dreams and persevered despite facing some very tough obstacles. Anyone with those qualities should be admired, however, you have to take the total package when deciding whether to have young Christian girls listen to her music, buy her merchandise and watch her videos.

young girl admires natureThis was the same dilemma the prior generation had with Madonna. Sure, she was a go-getter and an enterprising woman who went after her dreams, however, her personal appearances, her stage performances, her videos and the way she dressed some might argue were inappropriate for young Christian girls. Some people may also say that it is the same with celebrities like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Beyonce and Halle Berry. Some may say that young girls are taught that they are worth more with their clothes off. The more they strip and show it all and act in the most degrading ways, the higher they are paid. Then they are pushed out and promoted as role models for young children and impressionable teens.

The argument is that children are a very impressionable and when they see these women on television, they want to copy them and emulate them. It is up to you as a parent if you want your daughter dressing like any of these women? It is up to you as a parent to decide if you want your young Christian girls behaving like any of these women? In some conservative opinions, some of these music videos are no better than light pornography, which may be fine for the general public, but not for impressionable young Christian girls.

Children of this generation have become much more passive when it comes to guarding their chastity and virtue, it has become the thing that "old people" do. There used to be a time when a young Christian girl was protected and guarded from anything that could corrupt her sense of virtue, but today, she is allowed to watch anything and anyone on television. She is allowed to wear the most ungodly articles of clothing and she is allowed to roam the streets at all hours of the night.

Some parents do not even listen to some of the lyrics they let their daughters listen to. Some parents do not screen the videos and movies they let their daughters watch on television. Some parents have given up on fighting with their daughters about what they wear to school. It is hard because peer pressure is real and so is the fact that designers no longer design modest clothing for girls. So instead of taking out your sewing machine and making sure she wears a skirt that falls below her knees, many parents just allow their young girls to wear immodest clothing.

Whether Lady Gaga is appropriate for your Christian girl, is really your decision. Some Christians have a more relaxed point of view while others are more conservative. If you choose to let your Christian girls listen to Lady Gaga and some of these other artists. Then at least listen to it yourself FIRST and make sure you know and understand whom these children are taking as their role models and make sure that somebody meets with your approval. Ask your daughter why she considers Lady Gaga to be a good role model, if she does not know anything about Lady Gaga's struggles and her perseverance and those attributes that you want your own daughter to have then instead of just listening to the records, they should perhaps learn more about the positive attributes, life contributions and characteristics of the artist.



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