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When many women are pregnant they are not able to shave hairs from their skin and so they opt for someone else to do this. To top it all up they would want the method used to shave to be more of a permanent method because they do not want the hairs to grow again for a very long time. At least till when they give birth and they are able to shave themselves. The question as to whether undergo through a laser hair removal while pregnant continues to generate mix view. The answer to this is both yes and no, leading to a dilemma.

Pro to Laser Hair Removal


Well, some think it’s not bad for women to have laser hair removal while pregnant. Those who support this procedure during pregnancy assert that the light beams which are used in laser hair removal penetrate only a few centimeters into the skin. Therefore, laser beams do not pose serious health risks for such women because they are targeted to the roots of the hairs. If this is done professionally, then the possibility of harm may be reduced significantly in bid to eliminate the body hairs.

Against to the Procedure

On the contrary, some people do not support the idea of women having laser hair removal while pregnant. This is something that many clinics do not also allow because of the risk factors involved.  The chief reason is that possible complications that may arise due to skin reaction might degenerate into a health problem after the procedure has been done.

Common Complications to the Procedure

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Some of the common complications include burning and itching of the skin. These complications may be more prevalent in pregnant women because their skin is very sensitive at the time of hair removal. Similarly, pregnant women may experience other complications which may worsen complication s such as skin reaction and burning during the procedure, and this puts the life of the unborn baby at risk.

There has been no extensive research on the complications which can be experienced when undergoing laser hair removal while pregnant. The reason is that many women do not think it’s a good idea to even contemplate going for the hair removal. Therefore, no substantive findings exist and so many individuals are in a dilemma about the appropriateness of laser hair removal while being pregnant.


If one must have this procedure done then it is better if it is not done around the breast or abdomen area. This is because these are mostly the areas which one is sensitive when they are pregnant and so caution should be taken. If you have hairs which have really grown and need to remove them it is better to use the razor or shaving creams so that you and your baby are safe.



In conclusion, laser hair removal while pregnant is a controversial issue. Although it has not been addressed clearly, the general perception of most people is against than for the idea of conducting the procedure on pregnant women. Health and risk for the unborn baby and equally the mother are some of the prominent issues which discourage women from undergoing the procedure.