Masters Degree programs do offer knowledge to a certain degree, but they are not about the knowledge. 

 When I was a child I never wanted to go to school. I liked playing with my toys and felt comfortable where I was. But that did not last long. Shortly I found myself in school. I did not enjoy school, but with time I understood that it is something society expects me to do in order to achieve something in life. So, in spite of my will, I was attending it. Years past. I successfully graduated in the top of the class. Do not get me wrong, I still hated the idea of going to school. Attending education had it's perks. Except the obvious of studying about the world around me, I liked hanging out with my friend. I suppose I was not a complete outlier. I remember high school not because of the level of knowledge I gained, but because of the people I met and all the shortcuts I had to take, all the loopholes I found in the education system and all the workarounds I applied to get what I wanted.

 I then went straight to University to get my bachelor's degree. It was harder than school, in the sense that I would have to learn more, or be more inventive. So I did … both. There were times when it would drive me crazy and the thought of quitting was hunting me. I could not quit. I would not let this life experience break me. I am happy to say I got my degree. It was hard, but I got it. And just like high school, I got a lot more out of University than knowledge. Actually, I do not remember much theory out of what I learned. I do remember though all the trick I learned, all the communication tips, all the ways to avoid standards and exploit loopholes. I also got out of University with a lot more friends.

To summarize, I spent 14 year of my early life studying, and the results are amazing. I did not remember most of the theory and information, but the way my brain operates changed for ever. I was adaptable, I was social (faking it or not does not matter at this point), I was getting things done. I became a well lubricated cog in the social machine and I was great at it. I was experiencing new things all the time. I was getting promoted. I was living life.

Now I am contemplating about changing my way of thinking yet once again. I am thinking about a Masters degree. I need to learn to integrate even better in the current consumer society. I need to learn to manipulate at a whole new level. I need to care about only my needs, my opportunities, my wealth and in the same time have people like me while doing it. I need to have tenfold the number of acquaintances and expand my professional circle. I need to do it all and I know I can. I am getting very good at it, and I know that an MBA can make me even better at it. 

What I want is a different story. I want to live. I want to travel on my terms and not care about others. I want to be rude if I feel grouchy and I want to smile and laugh if I am happy. I want to hang out with a homeless guy if he seems interesting to me. I want to be me. But for now, I will be something that society approves of and loves. I hope I will get to live someday.

Even thought I am getting great at learning life, I would rather experience and live it.