My concept of fate and destiny

Life from destination

While it is widely acceptable to have a future ambition and a drive towards set goals, it is also noted that many, crippled by their incorrect perspective of fate and destiny failed to have their future.

You will pardon me to deviate and harm what we have always believed about fate and destiny. It is really true that there are events in our future which as we believe, will be bigger and better than what we have today. Nevertheless , the phenomenon fate and destiny does not exist. Fate and destiny are products of our imagination and our anxious eagerness for days to come.

If you have a bias for these , you might easily pick me up, but before you do, let me introduce you to a better and greater phenomenon which God expects us to fully understand, or better stated to live by:

The concept of life from destination.

If I am to choose between fate and destiny, my understanding of both will make me choose destiny.

Believe in fate primarily limits God, and it renders God a liar. It makes Romans 8:28 useless, and queries the faithfulness of God.

Destiny is not really a bad concept as such, only that it is of necessity that the old to give room for the new . From the bible, while fate is not mentioned (at least in the King James version), the concept of destiny is lost in another; the concept of hope.

For many years, several people with similar understanding  like I have in destiny have built around it  a religion which except for those well tutored and motivated, has done more damage than good.

The concept of destiny paints pictures for us, and they are biblical pictures, of things that are believed to come, which only draws closer as we choose to move towards them. This concept motivates us to go for that supposed future. In this concept we are not to be contented with today- (while I believe this is the understanding of the majority , I still believe there will be some variation or better view on this. I am just portraying what I believe is the understanding of most concerning destiny).

Believers on fate are usually with escapist worldview, and thus shun responsibility, being unrealistic.

Except for the purpose of encouragement and motivation, the doctrine of destiny has a tendency of making people lose sight of important facts.

The concept of life from destination is applicable to Christians and non-Christians. While non-Christians live their life from the basis, Christians live theirs from the destination of eternal gain.

While an unbeliever is living his life from fear , since he is a victim, the believer live as more than victorious. Being a Christian is not a set-up for struggle, but rather a set-up to be ahead in life, since we are set up to live life from God's life-eternal life.