To write an article I usually think for a long time about the name. If I can just get the name I am looking for to express the ideas in my head the article is a cake walk. As soon as I thought of this name I knew I was there...but now after thinking about it I hate it. I do not think marketing is evolving. I believe marketing as we know it is dying...if not dead. Why not change the name? Why do I say marketing is dead? Because it is.

The idea of marketing was to present your brand, company, promise, product, ect. in a way to convince potential customers of its worth. I used to be a marketing fanatic. I even loved the sound of the word. I loved devising ways to make my companies and my clients' companies stand out from the rest. It was like a daily competition with the mass of other companies out there. Well now I feel like I wasted at least 10 years of my life...damn it.

Customer Experience is the name of the game now. We aren't trying to convince anybody anymore. The goal is to emotionally connect with our customers. We are not trying to increase sales. We are trying to make customer fall in love with our experience. The product has now become a part of the experience not the solve all, end all. We talk about every single interaction without customers and how to design them in a way not to fulfill customer needs and expectations but to exceed them in a way that makes our customers not only purchase our product or service but to say "WOW!" when they do it. I made some great marketing plans in my time and I imagined that I produced some wows along the way but I never systematically produced wow after wow because I was worried about sales. What? With customer experience we don't worry about sales anymore? Hell yes. We worry about them so much that we want to amaze our customers, have them fall in love with us, and then convert them into evangelists for our experience. That is how you mass produce sales...not with a huge investment in advertising (although that can be a part of your experience).

Those in the know understand that the emotions we provoke in out customers starts with our first contact. This could be a small print add or seeing our brand on a delivery truck. We know the experience never ends. We know that if we aren't working on the level of emotions we won't be able to compete. They can copy almost everything we do. A great product today is sub par tomorrow. It's the experience that counts. Companies like Zappos, Disney, Starbucks, etc, all understand this. The experience is the ultimate blue ocean.

I'm not saying to fire the head of your marketing department (I'm not saying not to either) but make sure he understands that your company provides an experience and that is where he will be able to make yours a world class company. Change his title to something having to do with customer experience so that he or she and everyone else knows what is supposed to be coming from that department. Nothing is more important than this. Stop shopping for a new computer system. Stop looking for a new outsourcing for this or that. All of these decisions have to be made with the experience in mind. Drop everything. Yes everything and get to work on your customer experience.