Am I serious? Is Mickey Mouse Klubhouse really a piece of Communist/Socialist propaganda? Stay tuned and I'll tell you why.

I didn't like the idea of ever letting my child watch TV. Like so many parents I resisted because I thought it would warp his fragile little mind. But eventually the kids always win out and peer pressure and advertising finally gets us. One of the first cartoons we let my son watch was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. After all I grew up watching Mickey Mouse among others (Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, etc.).

After a few episodes I began to notice a theme and it disturbed me. Being somewhat Libertarian/Anarchist I didn't like what I saw. I'll explain why...

The Dictator

On the show Mickey is always the chief. No one elected him. Its like he woke up one day and appointed himself. There was one episode where he relinquished power for one whole episode. Of course this had disastrous results. He let Donald be the commander of a space mission. Of course he inserted himself into every decision and told Donald everything that was wrong.

There is even an episode where Mickey saves Santa. So Mickey is now more powerful than Santa! Every communist dictator (Kim Il Jong for example) uses propaganda to build up their image among the people.

The State Will Provide

In the Communist Utopia, the state provides everything the people need, of course at the expense of the people.

In Mickey Mouse Clubhouse land everything is provided. No one works even though they are clearly adults. This is great. Even Goofy who we are to believe is mentally defective is taken care of. Of course he also has to endure the ire of his "buddies".

The method of provision in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse land is the Mousekadoer and Toodles. The Mousekedoer is the giant machine (government) that plans the day out for the group. Toodles is the special delivery vehicle for the items that the group needs. So when they come upon a problem they just sing their little song (state anthem) and along comes Toodles with just what they need. Of course they have another anthem that summons their housing (the clubhouse) as well.

Ostensibly this is a learning device intended to help children solve problems. But what problem is solved? When they need roller skates, Toodles comes and brings them. Maybe instead of providing, we'd have these characters quit whining and build a pair of skates or get a job and buy them.

Pete the Gestapo

Although Mickey is the Dictator he still makes the group give tribute to the Gestapo. In this show, the Gestapo is played by Pete. Pete is generally not part of the normal group. When he appears he always asks for money. Now this is strange. Mickey never does anything to make money so the state must give it to him in the form of welfare or state "wages". Since they never have to pay for anything, why do they have money. There is a simple answer. They need money to bribe Pete. To constantly pay his tolls for roads that are "state owned" or other tributes.

Pete as Capitalist

If Pete isn't the Gestapo then he is clearly a Capitalist or at least a poor facsimile. Perhaps the producers are trying to show how bad Capitalism really is. Here is a guy who just comes along and steals money for no reward. Of course they never explain how Pete comes about the things he sells. Either the roads are state owned or he built them. Either way he is just playing the role. If he is a Capitalist then the whole ruse is to just explain how terrible the whole situation seems.


Am I serious? Again, who knows? I can tell you one thing. My son doesn't watch this show anymore.