Miley Cyrus hit mainstream as the star of Hannah Montana, of whom she has since effectively destroyed with her recent behavior. This is a common thing that happens to child stars, but does it have to be this way? Why is it that when a child start begins to grow up and want to become taken more seriously, they do incredibly off the wall, and crazy things? Not all child stars have done this, and they are now well-respected actors and/or singers. It is so damaging to the audience of the celebrity that it boggles my mind that these people do not seem to care about anything accept how they feel and perceive themselves.Miley 2

 Miley Cyrus obviously gained her cult following from her Hannah character, and had many little girls that absolutely adored and looked up to her. Now what will these girls do seeing their idol turn into a Hollywood monster? Many of them may just move to another cute little Disney star, however there will be too many who will want to grow up and be just like Miley, and emulate many of the disgusting things she does, and the way she acts, which last time I checked, unless you have a million camera on you at all times, will not do very much for a normal girl.

 Do you think Miley Cyrus ever thinks about this or cares? Well it does not show based on what she does. I feel bad for Miley, I really do, and all of the poor girls that try to emulate her, but the more and more she acts the way she has been, I think the more dead she is becoming to mainstream America as someone to be taken seriously.Miley 1

 I think that there are hard times ahead of Miley, as this road she is on does not seem like it will end well. There is always hope though, hope that she will have some sense knocked into her and that she will cut out all the thematic and ridiculous behavior and come back to reality. Miley is young and still has the ability to turn her life around.

 I believe that woman in the spotlight such as Miley Cyrus have a responsibility to act in a way that is not degrading to women, and use that important and huge opportunity to do something good for their audience and country. Miley has the opportunity to do some good, or continue to be the joke that she is and effectively die to the serious entertainment industry and America in general.