The development and use mind power to win or gain has baffled many for centuries.  From the burning of supposed witches to a poker star who is able to millions with a bluff, decades of extremes have created a vast amount of curiosity on the mind’s ability to accomplish that which may have been thought to be impossible.

So what is this phenomenon about which we here so many mixed opinions?  Is there some level of magic that has made itself available to a select few?  Have people mastered the art of manipulation to a degree that everybody around them has bought into their ploys?…Or is there a Universal law that dictates the success of mind power enhanced missions?

Many cultures in which prayer to a symbolic God and meditation are practiced by the majority, are fueled by the fundamental belief that the manifestation of good in your life starts with a spiritual connection.  Years are spent searching for ‘the light within.’  It is that very ideal that has been adopted by many cultures world wide.  While the power of the mind to initiate a domino effect of positivity on our lives and on those around us is far from a religious belief, the basic principles that support its validity are founded in most popular Eastern world religions like Buddhism.

So is there really a connection to the outcome of the events in your life and the conditioning of your mind to sway their results?  For many who have realized the awesome power of mental commandments, the answer is a simple and swift, “Absolutely, Yes!”

There a great many people from all over the world who believe in the validity of claims that some of life’s greatest achievements were actualized because the powerful intent that resonated in the mind of their pioneers.  Many of these people, too, are not Buddhists, nor are they necessarily part of any other religious groups by whom these beliefs are most commonly held.

On the contrary, many people who have harnessed the ability to use their minds to improve their lives are no different than you or I.  There may be as many differences as exist in any other comparison of person, but there have been no special powers granted by the Universe that allows them to achieve something that is out of the reach of anybody else.  As a matter of fact, many believe that we are all on the same path, thinking – in one form or another – on the same lever of consciousness.

There is a theory that the Universal Mind is one that is leading us all to the same destination whether or not we realize where we are headed.  People who seem to have it all and attribute it to their frame of mind may seem to be exempt from this gravitational pull.  The reality is that they are quite the opposite.  Those who have taken the serenity of their mind and transformed it into outward success are directly in synch with the Universe.

It is the process of Karma that instills the balance between spirit and life.  Those who have discovered the truth behind mind power know that the energy they project will be the same energy to which they are exposed in life.