Netflix Review from a Member

As a result of being a customer of Netflix since early 2007, I have seen this supplier of streaming video and DVD home delivery go through some major changes.  What started off as a relief of the frustrations of Blockbusters' incessant fines, is now is an essential tool in the household, giving our now dusty DVD player something to sweat about. 

To understand how Netflix works as of now is mainly to understand one thing.  One flat rate gives you unlimited access to continually growing library of streaming movies, tv and exercise videos, as well as an immense DVD library.  You have a choice as to the level of your membership, from a simple 1 DVD at home delivery, to unlimited streaming and a max of 4 DVDs out at a time at home.  They have implemented so many ways to view streaming TV shows and movies, such as your computer, and through your TV via your game systems (Wii, Xbox, PS3, etc).

I have been pleased overall with Netflix's service, with some exceptions.  Rarely do I have network or streaming issues, but there is something that sticks in my craw.  Netflix has started to implement an expiration date on some of its streaming content.  At first it was unclear how or why Netflix decided what particular videos to stop streaming, although I have learned that it may not have to do with Netflix at all.  The studios such as Universal, New Line Cinema, etc. apparently decide how long Netflix gets to stream their videos, and after that time period, then we are out of luck, until perhaps the next calendar year.  I hope that an agreement on the future can be reached to combat this problem, although the solution will probably involve a hike in membership price (as we will see in Sept 2011).  Perhaps a feature like paying an additional one time price for a season of a tv series, or a particular movie will resolve the issue.

One other issue is the sheer amount of sub-standard videos out there that must be siphoned through to get to quality content.  It is important to know specifically what you are looking for, because to browse is torturous.  It makes sense that the B-movies out there are grateful for the second chance for fame on Netflix, so they are readily available.

The solution to all these streaming issues is, of course, the DVD delivery.  Some individuals might even prefer the DVD because of the superior quality and the ability to personalize settings for the optimum viewing experience.

Despite these shortcomings, Netflix as of yet still does not have a competitor to equal its success, as can be shown by its recent expansion to Canada and it's stock price increase.  But from a customer's point of view, I am still all for Netflix and what it has to offer.  I appreciate the availability and convenience of all its available media.    The amount of media consumption, at least in my home, far outweighs the monthly price. 

In my opinion, it's one of those technological tools that are worth the money.