Hair loss is enough of a hassle to deal with, add to that the fact that you have to comb through so many gimmicky products on the market- treating thinning hair can be just plain overwhelming.  Hopefully, I can help cut through some of the “noise” out there and get you the information you are looking for, namely, figuring out which is the best shampoo for thinning hair.
You may have heard a lot about a line called Nioxin.  Their “claim to fame” is that they are supposedly the #1 recommended brand by hairstylists for thinning hair.  But is this line the best?  Well let’s take a look…

About Nioxin

According to the company, Nioxin, “uses advanced technologies to deliver thicker, fuller, denser-looking hair.”  They also claim that 3 out of every 4 people who try the line have noticeably thicker hair.
What we can say about the company is that it is reputable.  Nioxin is actually a line of products by The Proctor & Gamble Company.  There is something to say about products that come from well known brands.  At least you know, when you spend your money on Nioxin, if you feel like it doesn’t live up to the hype, you can get your money back.
Of course, the reason why you are reading this review is to avoid the trouble of the back and forth and trying countless products but getting little to no results.  After all its not a refund you want back… it’s your hair!

It’s Not Just a Shampoo It’s a System!

There are 6 thinning hair systems/kits that contain 3 different products customized for different hair types as well as extent of hair loss.
Each kit contains a cleanser (shampoo), a scalp therapy treatment (conditioner), and scalp treatment.   The cleanser helps to remove sebum and other residues from the scalp that could potentially clog the follicle.  The conditioner is a lightweight formula that helps strengthen the hair and ‘control moisture balance’.  And the scalp treatment is used to promote a healthy environment in the scalp.

System Hair Type Chemically Processed? Hair Density Goal
System 1 Fine No Normal to Thin Amplify hair texture, refresh the scalp, and delivery a healthy shine.
System 2 Fine No Very Thin Deliver denser looking hair while strengthening against damage.
System 3 Fine Yes Normal to Thin Amplify hair texture (thicken) and restore moisture balance to colored to processed hair.
System 4 Fine Yes Very Thin Deliver denser looking hair and protect the scalp by providing moisture and condition chemically processed hair.
System 5 Medium/
Either Normal to Thin Promote fuller looking hair but to also provide smoothing control to the hair while refreshing the scalp.
System 6 Medium/ Coarse Either Very Thin Deliver smoother, denser looking hair, while protecting the scalp and restoring moisture to the hair.

Other Nioxin Products

The Nioxin line contains a number of other products that can be used in conjunction with the 3 part systems to enhance results.  Other products in the line include:
-Nioxin Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Treatment
-Nioxin Scalp Renew Density Restoration
-Nioxin Diamax (Increases the diameter of each strand of hair)
-Nioxin Intensive Treatment Hair Booster
-Nioxin Intensive Therapy Recharging Complex (a multivitamin/ mineral supplement)
-Nioxin Intensive Treatment Deep Repair Masque
-Nioxin Clarifying Cleanser
-Nioxin Scalp Shield

How The Nioxin Systems Work

So how exactly does the system work?  There are a few mechanisms in action that work together to help make the hair look thicker:
(1) Nioxin reduces hair breakage: The thinner your hair is, the more prone it becomes to breakage and the more noticeable thin areas are.  Nioxin helps to shield your hair from styling damage so that your hair looks stronger and healthier over time.  It does this by smoothing and protecting the outer layer of the hair shaft.
(2) Added hair texture: The system increases the fullness of your hair by adding to it with cysteine amino acids.
(3) Cleanses: Nioxin helps to cleanse the scalp and creates an ideal environment for hair to grow.

Our Review

For what types of hair loss will Nioxin work?
This might seem like a funny answer, but any type of hair loss as long as you have some hair to work with.
You see, from what we can gather Nioxin works mainly to improve existing hair’s condition by preventing breakage, and thickening individual strands.
All and all, the Nioxin systems gets our stamp of approval.  Would we say that Nioxin is the best shampoo for thinning hair? Maybe.  It depends on what criteria you’re basing it on.  We say it’s one of the best to improve (increase) hair bulk, texture, and density and reduce fall-out and breakage.
It is definitely a product we can recommend that you should add to your arsenal along which you might rotate with other shampoos such as Dr. Proctor’s Nano Shampoo.

Don’t Stop At Shampoos

If you are really committed to treating your hair loss, you’ve got to get to the bottom of why you are losing hair in the first place.  Shampoos and other hair treatments are enhancement products.  They make what you’ve already got, better, and sometimes they can help you keep it. But they don’t address the real issue.  Often, stopping hair loss means making healthy lifestyle changes.  Even small changes can lead to big improvements.