Almost everyone has heard about Kim Kardashian and Kayne West calling their newborn daughter North. Which maybe a bit unusual in its self but with the surname West is it a step too far? For sure nobody will forget the name North West, but what about little North? How will she feel growing up with all the jokes surrounding her name? Is it ever wise to name your baby a name that is unusual or likely be made a joke off?

Back in the 80's Bob Geldof and his then wife Paula Yates named their 3 children, Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom and Pixie. Then we had Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain call their daughter Frances Bean and Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin call their two children Apple and Moses. More recently we have had celebrity parents give their babies names like, Sparrow, Fox India, Bingham, Moroccan, Hero, Egypt and Buddy Bear to name just a few.

With celebrities now all seeming to be naming their babies weird and wonderful names, Is it a growing trend that nobody will care about in the future as all the children will have strange and unusual names or is it a little bit cruel? Or should I ask a more important question, Should we too, the non celebrity everyday folk, be jumping on this ban wagon and be naming our little bundles of joys these unusual names too?

Were I live in the UK, the most uncommon name is probably Trinity. She is a little girl in my son's class and her parent's named her after the character in The Matrix. But besides her the next is Oliver. Not that strange at all. You yourself probably know at least one Oliver. There are plenty of famous Oliver's, for example Oliver Hardy or Oliver Crowell. But dos having a common name make you stand out any less? Maybe if you are at school and the class room is full of Sarah and Lucy's or Liam and Jack's. I have 3 kids called Ryan, Caitlin and Aaron. I have alway's like unusual names so I bet you'll be surprised at the names I gave my children. They are all quite common. Their middle names are Kai, Rhianna and Shay. A bit more rarer. But does a name define us? Does it matter if we are named the most common name ever or even if we have a unique name that no one else in the world has? What is the big deal?

All that matters is that when choosing a name to give your child that the name means something to the parents and it is a name you both like and are happy to call your child that forever.