Social interaction through online dating is either a bane or a boon. Decide whether you enjoy the diversity and accessibility of online dating or you have a distaste toward its lack of physical connection and uncertainty of who you're talking to.

With the current advancement of social media networks and online communication bustling every minute, you may have encountered times when you've spoken to people online. These may be ones you have met before, like your friends and family. Other time, you may have not met them at all and you establish a friendship with them. Over time, you may establish more than just a friendship and emotions raging in, you may consider dating him or her even if you've not met him or at all. Online dating is hitting the mainstream as it continues to grow, but is it for you?

Lack of Physical Contact

Some people connote relationships with physical contact. Online dating gives you almost none of that, in a strict sense. You communicate with your love interest through online chat rooms, web messengers, and chat rooms. If you enjoy this form of communication, then online dating is a comfort. If you feel that you need the urge to feel that touch or have his or her presence near you, then this brings up an issue.

Uncertainty Factor

Although you don't specifically surely know the other person face-to-face, the internet is clearly one of the most anonymous places there is. You never know who you're really talking to when you engage in online dating. This uncertainty can lead to a few disappointments, especially if who you're talking to is someone you'd completely not expect. This factor of online dating has a positive side: your judgment is based on personality factors, because of the conduct you and that person will be having. Although it entirely depends on you, you should be careful when engaging in online dating because you never really know who you're talking to.


Online dating is physically restrictive, but you aren't restricted by any means to communicate with other people. Online dating allows you to meet people from different countries, in hopes of finding the one you can start a relationship with. Diversity is a positive trait of online dating, especially given the opportunity to make friends and possible start dating with people around the world. Communication limits seldom occur if you've got a working connection set up.


Another positive note you can consider with online dating is the accessibility of communication. You can easily keep in touch with that person through the varied means of communication. Through social networks and your personal messengers, there won't be a dull moment with him or her. The accessibility is a testament to the flexibility of the internet to get hold of means of communication. With this in mind, you can easily establish contact among each other making online dating seamless and efficient.

With these in mind, online dating has been a debate among people on the validity of a relationship. With the lack of physical contact and uncertainty at hand, online dating is viewed as something that shouldn't be done. However, diversity and accessibility puts online dating at an effective branch to innovative communication. It's all up to you – weigh these points and decide if online dating is really for you.