According to Lauren Hockenson of employees that are calling in sick more often or playing hooky possibly are signs that employees are overworking.   She further adds that 52% of American workers admitted calling in sick when they were not ill.  Can you relate to that?   Are you so overworked that you call in sick just to get some rest?

Laura Stack of talks about negotiating with your boss and prioritizing when you have too much work to do.  I definitely agree with that.  We also, must remember that we negotiate all of our lives about one thing or another. 

I often recall prioritizing my work. I would decide what to do first, especially when there were timelines for some duties.  Although most businesses now when an employee leaves, they may not replace that employee, but rather give the workload to someone else or to several people in another department.  They do this to try to save the company money.  Most times adding more workload over time can overwork employees. 


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Some of the managers may offer to help you with your work to see what you actually do.  Many times they do not have a clue, because they are so busy going to meetings.  I recall allowing my manager to do that with me.  My co-workers just declared my manager slowed the process of our work up.  I thought she probably did slow it up that day, but if I did not show her, she would not have had a clue about all the workload that my co-workers and I had to do.   She did try to come up with solutions to help ease the work load. 

Did you know that working too much is bad for your health?  According to a recent study showed workers that work at least 11 hours have a higher risk of depression than those workers that work a 7 or 8-hour day.


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 I do know that it affects your health.  I recall working 7 days a week for a full year.   I really loved the money, but I was so tired after working, I had no time to spend it, other than pay bills. I definitely did not have a social life.    So there is definitely a down side to working all the time. [6009][6010][6011]