In pay per click advertising, businesses open an advertiser's account with the search engines like Google for example. Businesses will have to use their credit cards as a means of payment by way of click charges whenever a visitor clicks on their ads that is displayed in the search results. In pay per click advertising or PPC, the higher you rank in the search results, the more you will have to set your bid price for your keywords. It is not uncommon for advertisers to spend thousands of dollars every month on click charges. It is also important to note that the ranking of your sponsor ads is different from country to country. If your ads are targeted at very competitive markets like the United States and the United Kingdom, where most advertisers will also target, then you will have to set very high bid prices in order to rank high in the search results. It is very important to understand how to manage your keywords settings in your account platform in order to get the maximum benefits out of your allocated budget. Most companies do not have the time nor the expertise to do that. Hiring a pay per click agency is a viable option. However, it is important to do some research on this subject before we invest our dollars in our advertising efforts.

In search engine optimisation, your website is positioned on the left side of the search results. Google as well as the other search engines do not deduct any amount from you whenever people click on your listings in the organic search results. This is also what we call the natural search results. At first, this may seem to be a very attractive option. However, it is very important to understand that it is very difficult to rank on the first page of search engines if your product keywords are highly competitive. It is important to evaluate your search engine optimisation agency's credentials before you make a decision by looking at their references. It is also important to study the contract carefully so that there will be no doubts as to which keywords are being targeted.

In summary, both PPC advertising and search engine optimisation are very important options to consider for manufacturers and sellers who want to reach out to potential buyers. Understanding a little more about each will go a long way in helping us to make the right decisions so that our advertising budget is not wasted by investing in what we do not understand.