Phone broadcasting, also known as voice broadcasting has been around for quite a while now. Many of you have probably received some of these calls while you were eating dinner.

Some of you may have found these calls to be very annoying, and some of you perhaps found these prospecting calls to be helpful for you because you were offered goods and services that were of interest to you.

Business owners and mlm and network marketing prospectors are wondering now if phone broadcasting is illegal due to FTC changes in September of 2009 and have concerns. If voice broadcasting is illegal it can and will create panic upon those who have relied upon it for an income.

Voice broadcasting has been used as a prospecting tool for mlm, network marketing, and earn money online legitimate businesses, as well as scams.

Voice broadcasting, aka phone broadcasting has provided a lucrative source of income for individuals looking to earn line and make money from home.

We all know that when you are in an mlm, network marketing, or direct sales company, generating leads is always a difficult thing to do.

Broadcasting sales calls via the telephone has proven to be an easy to use prospecting tool for those looking to earn money in a home based business.

Some of the most popular voice broadcasting programs online today are both the Ibuzz Pro, and the Phone Broadcast Club.

The Ibuzz Pro is the more expensive of the two software programs and seems to provide a much better training program for those looking to get into voice broadcasting.

In September of 2009, however, the FTC came out with new rules regarding phone broadcasting, that were ambiguous to say the least.

Right now, phone broadcasting is still going strong because the software for phone broadcasting has built in fail-safe methods so that people opt-in before hearing the call.

The Phone Broadcast club also uses special software to scrub against people that are on the "DNC" or Do Not Call List.

As a prospecting tool, voice broadcasting and phone broadcasting will give the business owner highly targeted, red-hot leads that are truly valuable when trying to build a home based business.

In addition to scraper pro software, voice broadcasting is one of the most highly effective prospecting tools on the market today and it can help build your business like no other tool out there.

Voice broadcasting and scraper pro software are cost effective and highly affordable.

In addition, you do not have to worry about PPC or click-fraud by your competitors.

Although using the software has a little learning curve at the beginning, once you get the hang of it, voice broadcasting,phone,phone broadcasting, and scraper pro technology can help you build a thriving,lucrative, and profitable business.