Before trying any online income site, I always try reading about them first.  I have tried (and have active accounts on) InfoBarrel, HubPages, EzineArticles, Squidoo, WebAnswers, NamingForce, and a few others.  Those listed above I have had good success. 

So, is the website PickyDomains a scam?

When researching the site, I found many blog posts indicating so and also found as many posts talking about how to open an account on PickyDomains with positive reviews.  The problem with most online posts about PickyDomains is they were thin with details and most were a simplified summary of the site’s Terms of Use policies.  They were a shear waste of my time reading as I had already glanced over the TOS on the site.  Nowhere could I find any pure facts or any data published of what a member had actually made for income on PickyDomains.  I set out to do so by testing the site and tracking my results in detail. (please see below chart)


Opinions are subjective.  Data and trend analysis is more objective.  My first goal was to track my results with PickyDomains over a 30 day period.  Below is a quick snapshot of my efforts for my first 30 days of activity with the site.

    MyTotals Site (%)
  Contest (aka Orders)               101             117 86%
  Submits               942       54,425 1.73%
  Likes                62         2,047 3.03%
  Awards                  1               11 9.09%
  Submits/Contest(Ratio) 9.3 465.2  
  Likes/Submits (Ratio) 6.6% 3.8%  
  Awards/Likes  (Ratio) 1.6% 0.5%  

Yes, this is a lot of data and means nothing without putting it in context and providing an explanation of what it represents.  So, below is a summary of my tracking effort for my first 30 days with PickyDomains.

  1. During the 30 day period, I submitted Domain Names to 101 Contests of 117 available Contests.  An Order is the term used on the site to describe a naming contest on the site.   Your payout for winning a Contest varies from $25 to $75 based on the type of naming contest you enter.
  2. During this period, I submitted 942 Submits (entries as I call them).  These entries were mostly for Domain naming contest with a few entries being for Business naming and Product naming contest.  The math is simple. I averaged over 9 Submissions/Contest (9.3 to be exact).  The site averaged about 465 Submissions/Contest.   A “best efforts” estimate suggest I was competing with 50-80 other competitors for each Contest I entered given my 9+ entry average divided by the Overall Submits per Contest that I was closely tracking.
  3. I received 62 Likes on the 942 Submits.  That is a 6.6% Likes/Submission success ratio.   (Important:  Likes are important as only Domains submitted that are tagged as “Like” are eligible to win a Contest)  No get the "Like", no get the money.  Very important!
  4. And finally, during my first 30 days, I won 1 Award of the 11 Awarded Contest during that period.  9.09% victory!   Not bad.  What is more telling is, of the 11 Awarded Contest, I had Likes in only 4 of them.  This highlights the importance of obtaining a “Like” status as I won 25% (1 of 4) of the Contest I had received 1 or more Likes on the Domains I had submitted.   Rephrased as, 0% victory opportunity for 7 Awarded Contests which I had received no “Likes” and a 25% victory on 4 Awarded Contests which I had received 1 or more “Likes”.



  1. Worth noting (again), I won 25% (1 of 4) of the Contest which I had received a “Like” vote on 1 or more of the Domain names that I submitted.   You can submit 100+ Domain suggestions, but only the ones that the paying Customer tags as “Like” matter!   You will receive many (and I mean MANY) “dislike” tags.  So what! Just ignore them and keep submitting.  I originally submitted 4-5 entries (Submits) per Order.  I now average 10-12 entries per Order which has brought my average up to 9+ entries per Order.  To be blunt, keep charging forward until you nail 1 or more “Like”(s) per Contest, otherwise, you will automatically lose a Contest.
  2. During my test period, I entered 1.73% of ALL entries for the entire site (942 of 54,425 entries submitted).
  3. Also during the test period, I received 3.03% of ALL “Likes” for the entire site (62 of 2,047 Likes received by everyone). My focus and tenacity for getting “Likes” paid off with a higher percentage of Likes than percentage of Submits (see above yellow highlighting in chart).
  4. I quickly received 1 win (Award) for $25.00 during the test period.  It is important to note that this was received during the ramp-up period of hammering in entries for 100+ Contests.  It is possible (very likely) that I will also win 2-3 additional Contests over the next 30 days as each Contest concludes (with no additional effort). We shall see.
  5. Finally, and most import, YES I did receive prompt payment of $25.00 from PickyDomains via my PayPal account.  The PayPal payment was received within 48 hours of receiving a “Picked” status on the site and the Contest ending.


So, let’s go back to the initial question posed “Is PickyDomains a scam?”

Based on the above data and the fact that I did receive a $25.00 payment to my PayPal account (rather promptly I might add) after being “Picked” as a winner of a Domain Naming Contest, contrary to the subjective fluff I have read elsewhere online, I do not consider the website PickyDomains to be a scam.  My bank account says “no scam”, the $25.00 I withdrew from the ATM was U.S. Dollars felt like “no scam”, and the cherry flavored Twizzlers I bought at Hannaford Supermarkets where they accepted the cash as payment felt like “no scam”.  I also bought some Pringles and some mango slices with my newfound wealth.

I would note, however, that this was a lot of work for a bag of Twizzlers, Pringles, and mango snack. This is an easy site to use if you enjoy name spinning and product naming, but requires effort and a good sense of branding to receive the necessary “Likes” that lead to Contest wins.


I hope you found this data helpful.  I enjoy tracking results when using a site and using hard data when making decisions.

Additionally, I have started using NamingForce with initial success.  Both PickyDomains and NamingForce appear to be legitimate resources for helping you brainstorm a new Business name, Product name, or Domain name for your business venture.

Best of luck with your new venture.